Building an audio room - 12x22 - electrical plan?

I am at the pount of adding a new room which will be my audio room. It will be 12x22 feet with the audio on the short wall. While I would like to Go wider than this I do have size limits that I have to adhere to. The contractors will be adding electric to the room and I have not yet decided what to request. Based off of what I have read I am assuming that 2 20 amp circuits are the way to go. Any other recommendations? I am looking to add things now that will be easier done during construction then down the road.

I will also be adding a layer of Homasote sound barrier to the sheetrock to keep me toe tapping to myself. The floor will be carpet. Any other items to consider up front?
If you think you need 2ea 20 amp circuits - do 4 - MUCH cheaper and easier to do now than later :-)

Place them where you want the equipment to be placed ie if you think you will go for mono blocks down the road, place the outlets where they will be placed. Also remember that you can have more than one outlet on each dedicated circuit. In above example you could place an outlet behind each speaker, both fed from the same breaker.

On wire gauge 12 gauge is required on a 20 amp circuit, but go 10 gauge if you can swing it.

Best of luck on your project and Good listening

Good response from Peter. I ran 4 dedicated 20amp circuits a few years ago and find that I need more now.
+1 for # of outlets. Will your room have any HEat/AC power requirements? If so keep on separate circuit, Same true for lighting and other non audio outlets. Keep the latter two need on opposite phase from the audio circuits.
Thanks for the responses. I am leaning towards 3 dedicated circuits right now - one per mono block and one for the pre. The fourth circuit will be for the lighting, computer etc.

I am wondering about adding 240v to run european equipment. Is this a good idea?
The advice above is good. They are talking about (4) duplex receptacles, with each duplex on its own dedicated circuit. Amps on 20A with #10 is good advice and only a modest upcharge from USA code minimum of #12. Lighting is a separate (5th) ckt. Yes, your electrician will think you are wacky. Good luck.