Building an acoustic friendly room

Recently while searching for information regarding proper acoustic room configurations I ran across this video series about a guy that built his own recording studio in his backyard. If you have any interest in construction design, room acoustics, building your own room and equipment used in the recording process I would highly recommend this video series. Please understand that this is an epic journey about a guy In Sydney Australia that is not a carpenter yet built his own studio in his backyard. Let me warn you that there are at least thirty installments to this series and it took me most of a day and part of another to watch it all. He takes measurements of frequency response through the construction process. I found the guy to be quite honest and humble as he struggles with learning new things, money issues, decisions and milestones that we would all experience in a similar journey. I found myself thinking about how I would do things differently or agreeing with how he did certain things. Here is a link to the first installment. Enjoy the journey if you choose to watch.

At the end, don't forget to catch this.....