Building a system around Thiel 1.5

i am building a system around thiel 1.5 speakers. looking for advice on what amps and cables are best suited for balanced matching to show the best of these particular thiels. music: jazz, emphasis on drums and cymbals. thanks very much in advance.
I have had a pair of Thiel 1.5's for a year now, and I am currently using an AR SP3-B and AR D130 with them. On the front end I am using a CAL CD player and a Clearaudio phono cartridge. The clarity and definition is extremely detailed and acturate, with the analoge being a little more musical than the digital. I think that an AR tube pre-amp, would help in this regard. I have not yet made a final decision, as to cable usage, I like you, am not certain which direction to go here. I listen to a lot of classical and jazz, and these speakers are great for jazz listening. Good luck and happy hunting. Regards, AEW
Love Thiel 1.5s. My system is CJ Premier 11a using preamp outs of SF Anthem Int. Amp 2 or using the Anthem as an integrated amp. CDs Cal 10, Phono Well Tempored and my modified Systemdek. Prefer classical, jazz & big band music Cable Transparent Audio Plus or Cardas. Also Velodyne HG12 subwoofer.
I also cast my vote for the CJ11a. Each had what the other needed.
I have Thiel 1.5's and I love the detail I get from them. I am using a VPI mk4 turntable, Pioneer CD 54 stable platter CD player, Audible Illusions M3A Preamp and I just got a Audio Research 100.2 Amp. This amp with the M3A preamp really makes the Thiels sing. I was disappointed with the sound of CD's before I got this amp, but now they sound great!
If I had those speakers, I would try the Electrocompaniet ECI-3, to warm them up a bit, while keeping the resolution.
I found my Thiel 1.5s did their best with a tube preamp, and solid state amp I had an Anthem. Or you could just try an integrated hybrid such as the Jolida 1501A.
I have Thiel 1.5s as my rear HT speakers. Occasionally, I'll move them to the front where they are driven by my Adcom MOSFET preamp and amp. The amp is 200W/channel at 8 ohms, 350W/channel at 4 ohms. The speakers really have a great sound: musical and good "boogie" factor....add a subwoofer to get the lower frequencies and it should sound really nice.
Er, you're going to have to tinker with this one, just like every other audiphile tweek has had to!
I've had 1.5's and 2.3's over the years, among others. I think you're going to need some "tube" somewhere in the system to help with the foreward mid-trebble reigion. But, cabling will effect as well. Still, if you're going to use solid state, I like tube pre with it(with the right tubes of course). Otherwise, maybe some tube amp with 6550's for bass and snap.
A strong integrated tube amp sounds good if it's powerful enough to push that 4 ohm speaker, that sometimes dips bellow that in certain spots, even though it's bass limited to 40hz reigion.
That said, get a good tube pre, and good SS to consider are Pass X150, Threshold T200, Coda 11(?), and similiar.
Good luck