Building a new system / Advice on some products

Well a couple of years ago I had to get rid of my system. Needed some money. It's now time to rebuild a new one. To give an idea I would like to talk about what I used to have and tell what I am considering (don't have the funds to afford old System) to see if someone can recommend maybe another tweak here and there to get optimum performance.

Old System
Classe Processor SSP 800
Classe Ca 5300
Classe CA M600 X 2
B&W 803D X5
B&W 805D X2
Gotham Sub X2

New System
Argon 750 Receiver
B&W 804D X 5
Oppo DVD 105D
JL Audio Fathom Sub X 2

I have already bought the oppo player and am happy with it. All of the other I am going to buy this but thought I should get some input to some opinions..

Won't be my old system.. Not many systems are but it still should sound good I think. Problem is I can't hear it all together. Two different dealers for the Receiver, subs and B&W speakers..

Help on suggestions or input please?
As you probably know, B&W are power hungry. Make sure that receiver can put out enough.
I think B&W is way over priced for what they give you. I'm not trying to talk you out of them, but you did ask for opinions.

That said, they are pretty revealing speakers and I think they would expose every flaw in the receiver. I would go for the best processor you can afford and put the rest toward a good quality, but affordable amp.
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You didn't mention if you use the system for music. If so, how important is 2 channel for you?
Thanks for all the responses. I have done some additional research and now am considering Dyna Audio Speakers across the front. Not sure what model yet. Somewhere in the 7K range per pair. and 3-4K for center. I also am going to get the JL Audio Fathom 113 sub and go to two of them in the future.

Buy A real good 3 Channel Amp to run the front three and a inexpensive receiver to run some inexpensive rear speakers for the time being. Then when I have more funds upgrade to a processor and amp for rears and upgrade rear speakers.


I only have about 25K to spend at this time and want to make sure I am spending it on the right thing so that I don't have to back track in the future.

I can spend 10-12 K on Front three speakers
8K-10K on 3 Channel Amp
4K on Sub
1000 on Receiver to process and run rear speakers

Then when I have more money in the future get a processor and 2 channel amp for rears.. Is this a smart way to go?
I was thinking if I did this the three channel amp could be used for any changes made in the future. A high end amp last a long time.

I mostly watch movies but enjoy 2 channel super audio listening, and DVD audio as well.

Maybe some good advise on the best 3 channel amp out there?
I think that 8-10K on an amp is at least double what you should be paying. There's a nice 3-channel Krell on Audiogon for $2400, and even that was "only" 5K new. I'd buy used - as you said, A high end amp last a long time.

Forget the receiver - as Zd said, get a seperate processor and a 5 channel, or a 2 channel and 3 channel, amp. I'd go about 5K on the processor. I'd also recommend going with 1 sub unless your room is large.

15K for 5 speakers
5K for amplifier(s)
5K sub
5K processor
Oppo 105

You can always add a second sub. And I see nothing wrong with going used - much more bang for the buck!
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thanks for all the information! A lot to consider. Will let you know what I do when I move forward.