Building a new 2 channel system and need help

I am building a new 2 channel system and recently discovered PS Audio, yes, I am a newb.  Anyway, I am curious as to other members impressions about these amps.  I am considering a pairing with either Raidho, Magico or possibly YG.  I have to admit I am having more difficulty than I anticipated finding something that wows me. I recently listened to a system with an Aestetix amp, CD player and Focal Sopra 2s. I found the sound too bright. They did switch the amp to a VAC integrated and that was better, however still too bright.  I heard the Raidho C1.1s at RMAF and was blown away. I have not heard the Magicos so I am also open to opinions on those.

Thank you in advance 
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If your looking at those types of speakers you had listed why would you be also looking at PS audio. Not like there is anything wrong with PS audio it just is not in the same league with the speakers you mentioned.
The PS audio BHK mono blocks i heard at Newport Beach show, where  very good in that price range and will surprise you. Expensive amps do not mean better sound. The key is to try and match the speaker with the amp. Best to give as many as possible a listen and go from there.

It sounds like you’re looking for similar qualities as me before I started building my current system. My ears are senstive to any shrillness or distortion which tends to induce listener fatigue, so with my system I aim for a sound which is natural, warm, enveloping and engages me like a live event. But also draws me in and makes me want to sit down for a long listening session.

I like YG, but personally prefer Magico. The best amps I found for synergy with Magico are Vitus and Soulution, though Pass XA.8 and XS series and Absolaire also pair well. Or if you’re into tubes, Myles Astor swears by the CJ Gat/Art amps with his S5’s.

In the Magico line, the new S5 Mk2 is the one to own, or if your budget doesn’t extend that far, you may want to wait for the current S3 to be brought up to Mk2 spec. No word yet from Magico, but I would not be surprised to see that speaker updated in the next 6 months.
JM Labs & Focal do tend to be a little on the bright side.
This issue can be solved w/ tubes and cabling.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
The best synergy with Focal is supposed to be Vac tubes. I imagine a Vac 160i SE integrated would be a great match & have more than enough power for the Focals which are fairly efficient. John, care to chime in here? :D

mmporshe ;

If you were "blown away" by a system that you heard at RMAF , why don't you just copy it as much as you can ? You have already stated that you are considering those Raidho speakers . Keep going with it . That is what I would do .

Good Luck .

Its your ears and your money Raidho is a great company Magico is good as well.

Thank you for all the responses.  I ended up buying a Constellation Inspiration amp and pre-amp, Raidho D1 speakers, PS Audio DirectStream DAC and PS Audio P5 PowerStation so far.  I found the video of the RMAF room from 2014 that "blew me away".  They were using the higher quality Constellation gear but my budget cannot afford it so I am hoping the sonic quality is somewhat similar in my Inspiration gear.  

On another note, I just started a thread asking for advice on cabling since I have no idea.  Would appreciate any suggestions you may have in that thread.

Take care!

Keep me posted & Happy listening! MM-
Whoa!  Seems like you're building your system looking the wrong way through the telescope, my friend!  The most important piece is the source, and you're hooking a Hyundai Elantra source up to a Ferrari speaker.  Speakers and cables never make a substandard source sound better. Unless you're using the throw away cables that came with your Pioneer HT receiver, get a better source and then determine what you want to do with cables and accessories.  Cables can give you that last 0.001% improvement, but thousand dollar+ cables make no difference in a system with a mediocre source.
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12-20-2015 5:17am
Its your ears and your money Raidho is a great company Magico is good as well.
Raidho is a great company, and Magico is just good? The Raidho D series sound open, airy and fast, but are poorly made and over-priced pieces of junk! I sat on a mint pair of C3.1’s for 6 months with not a single enquiry..they are boat ankers.

The Magico Q1’s by comparison, or even the S1 Mk2’s are much better engineered and made. Much more complete speakers.

' looking wrong way through the telescope '. Well put and right to the point. You do need to greatly improve the source. And digital does sound bright.
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12-25-2015 7:51pm
...And digital does sound bright.
You need to hear the Vitus SCD-025 Mk2 Inna ;)
melbguy1, whether it is in Australia or in the US or Denmark it is always the same. One day they might make it sound great but not yet.
We'll just not go into this any further, this is not really thread on digital, I just said it in passing since the OP had mentioned his complaint. He should be under no illusion.
Inna, so we are in no illusion, have you heard the Vitus SCD-025 Mk2 (or an earlier model Signature Series player)? Sorry to hear all digital sounds the same to you. My ears work just fine. And yes, let’s not go into this any further as it’s very clear you’re out of your depth.

If you are going to go with the Raidho speakers, I would certainly audition the rowland line of amps. Happy Holidays
melbguy, it is not for you to judge me. Know your place.
Inna, I thought you said you don’t want to go into this any further, now you do? Far be it from me to sit at the seat of judgment. I think that job is already taken. I am however curious about your digital dictum. I further regret to inform you I am unable to comply with your last request.

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"The most important piece is the source, and you’re hooking a Hyundai Elantra source"

"get a better source"

"cables make no difference in a system with a mediocre source."

"Cables can give you that last 0.001% improvement,"

What source do you use?
Dollars to doughnuts, you never heard the DS dac in a properly set up system.

If all you can squeeze out in a cable evaluation is a dismal .001% improvement in sound quality... you must be using those cheap-o cables that you mentioned. A quality made cable is a huge improvement in any properly set up audio system.