Building a HT/Music withTotem Mites and need help

I am purchasing some Totem Mites soon and intend to build a nice little 2.1 system. I currently have a 5.1 setup consisting of

NAD T773 receiver
NAD T533 dvd/cd
Gale 5.1 speakers/sub
Stands for the front Gale Monitors btw
Phillips 37" LCD
APC back-ups

My intention is to move all of this except for the T533 and Tv downstairs to my PC room where I have a 72" DLP projection screen and PC gaming setup.

So I need to replace the 5.1 w/ a 2.1 which is more often used for music than movies.

Budget is now about $1000 +/- a few hundred.

I need an amp, sub, components(wire,cables etc)that will work well from about 7 to 8 feet away.

It does not need to be super-loud just really sweet and natural will do nicely.

thanks for the suggestions.
lol not a sexy enough topic I guess. Can anyone at least ink me to a site explaining how to best setup a 2.1?
How big is your room?
Need AM/FM?

Cheap integrated amp (NAD C320BEE) and a good subwoofer (Older NHT Sub 2, Sub 2i, Martin Logan GRotto or Dynamo)would likely work.

A good 2.1 system needs a sub with a high degree of flexibility. If you room is big it will take a bigger and more $$$ sub to get it done. Cheap subs do more things wrong than right. Rather have sins of ommision than a flapping, noisy, resonant box banging away.

Room placement also dictates how good the combo will sound. Get a 10 meter interconnect and place the sub in each of the handfull of locations you can live with. Listen for a few days in each location and you will find out where it sounds best.

Good luck!
Ah. Will the amp work with the sub? I mean does the NHT have high level inputs?

The room is weird b/c it is a long rectangle w/ the stereo needing to be put up on the long wall so listening distance is close about 6-8' but then theres a lot of space on the left side( the wall continues on for another 6')that's open and not nearly as much on the right side ( about 3')

I am considering the Nad C320 and I was considering the Dreamcatcher sub but it doesn't have high level inputs so that's an issue.
Yes the NHT has speaker level inputs. As do the ML subs.

Many integrated amps do have preamp outputs including the NAD. The C320 uses it to feed the amplifier main input which could be split via a hard-Y but the extra cabling $$$ would dictate simply purchasing a better integrated.

I think the answer to your situation is a high output sub (like the NHT that is for sale here on Audiogon). THe NHT uses an external controler that can be placed in the same rack as the NAD. It also uses it's own DIN type interconnect to feed the sub.

Good luck!