Building a home theater.

I am in the process of building a home theater. I also want a great 2 channel music system. The acoustics have been designed by Rives Audio. I have a clean slate with everything to put in the room. I am looking at Von Scweikert VR2 or Vr4 jrs. Meadowlark Kestrel 2 or Europa (if I can find a dealer in the SF Bay area} Anybody have any ideas/experiences/opinions with any of these choices or should I go some other direction. My music tastes are eclectic so system must handle classical through rock.

Any inputs would be appreciated.
You can email me for further discussion.
I'd take a *serious* look at the Galllo Ref IIIs, they are *very* good sounding speakers...

I would also try to listen to the Vmps line of speakers for your use and needs. They are hi-bred type and are very good at both types of needs.

Check the audiocircle forum for a dealer near you.

Soundscape in Santa Rosa is a Meadowlark dealer. They also have McCormack. I am using a MAP-1 multi-channel analog pre to set up my hybrid 2-channel/HT setup. So far I have set up as 2 channel only with the rest to follow later. This pre gives up nothing in 2 channel with the flexibility for complete HT. The only catch is that you must have a digital front end with HT processing which is getting very common.
I have a complete Von Schweikert setup, 4JRs, VR-1 for rears, LCR-15, and VRS/1 sub. I really like these speakers for everything HT, multi-channel music, and 2 channel music. All of these speakers fit nicely together and it is easy to get lost in the music or movie. The sub is very nice, in fact I can't get over how good it has been the last couple of movies we've watched (no need to use it for music). Check them out if you can.
I just purchased the Cary Silver Oak III's and center. They were created using a third order crossover which gives excellent off-axis (non sweetspot) listening.

One other cool feature is the tweater is off to the side, so that if they're far apart you can have the tweaters facing inward for a more focused sound, or you can have both speakers closer together with the tweeters out for the ultimate off-axis performance.

I haven't heard them, but ordered today. I know its weird, but I have a friend in the biz (good discount), and I've been thrilled with the Cary electronics that make up the rest of my HT system.
Thanks for the inputs. Now all I have to do is find a local dealer. Found one for the Von Schweikerts, Vmps, and Meadowlark. Anyone tried Thiel?

You cant go wrong with m&k, they even make powered speakers (I think the 2510 or 2550's. These are listed at their m&k pro site. I have the 150'and really like them, they will play music loud and sound good with rock/electronic music. You must get a subwoofer so you dont push the small speakers into unnatural areas.

I would spend $$ for the powered speakers, I couldnt tell the difference between the powered setup vs my hi $$ amp. You can buy some other toys ( a luminoz screen ) with the money saved on amps and it also eliminates your natural want to change and upgrade$$$ amps.