Building a collection

Having re-entered (the low end) of quality listening, I will slowly begin building a collection.  To that end, I have made a list of artists/groups and would ask you to indicate the ONE album you would recommend from as many artists as you wish, with an ear (no pun intended) to quality of performance and recording.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

Beach Boys
Rolling Stones
Fleetwood Mac
The Who
Pink Floyd
Paul Simon/Simon and Garfunkel
Aretha Franklin
Elton John
James Taylor
Mamas and Papas
The Byrds
Bonnie Rait
Joan Baez
Judy Collins

Beatles, The With The Beatles PMC 1206 Parlophone Mono

Rolling Stones, The, Sticky Fingers -   UIGY9066 SHM SACD

John, Elton Tumbleweed Connection B00036-11-36 Island SACD

Beach Boys - Surfer Girl - Mono - Analogue Production Reissue Vinyl

Raitt, Bonnie   Sweet Forgiveness BS 2990 Warner Brothers 1stlable Stereo Vinyl

Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac MFSL 1-012 MFSL  Vinyl

Who, The The Singles UIGY9067 SHM SACD

Simon And Garfunkle Bridge Over Trouble Water HC49914 CBS Mastersound/Columbia - Vinyl

Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years PC33540 / 8883761071 Columbia - Reissue Vinyl

Franklin, Aretha Aretha's Gold UDSACD 2142 MFSL SACD

Taylor, James Mud Slide Slim 305980 Warner Brothers 180G Reissue Vinyl

Santana Abraxas MFSL 1-305 MFSL - Vinyl

MaMa's And The Papa's, The If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears D5006 RCA MONO 1st label Vinyl

Dylan, Bob  Bob Dylan  Columbia CL1779 2nd issue/label, Double Eye Mono Vinyl

Eagles, The On The Border 7E-1004 Asylum Records  1st issue / label
Stereo Vinyl

Jone Baez Noel BSD-79230 Vanguard 1stissue/label  Mono Vinyl

Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon CDP7243 5 82136 2 Capitol SACD
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here    EMI SACD

Beatles           Revolver
Beach Boys   Pet Sounds
Dylan               Hwy 61 Revisited
Rolling Stones Let It Bleed
Hendrix             Electric Ladyland
Fleetwood Mac Rumours
The Who           Who's Next
Eagles               The Long Run
Pink Floyd         Wish You Were Here
Paul Simon       Graceland
Prince                 1999
Aretha Franklin Yeah!!!
Elton John       Tumbleweed Connection
James Taylor   Greatest Hits
The Byrds         Fith Dimension
Santana             Abraxas
Bonnie Rait       Sweet Forgiveness

Do you listen to cd or vinyl?
Looks like I am going to stay CD and add computer digital
MFSL CD of Blonde on Blonde has an interesting sound
I like many of tprreaves' suggestions, here are some more:

Beatles--Abbey Road has good sound, but my favorite might be A Hard   Day's Night (I like the stereo version, yeah, so shoot me)

Beach Boys--Pet Sounds, 90's (1996?) stereo remix
Dylan--Greatest Hits, Vol. II is a nice way to start.  Or Biograph, even

Rolling Stones--Beggar's Banquet
Hendrix--Are You Experienced
Fleetwood Mac--any of the early releases (Peter Green version)
The Who--Live at Leeds
Pink Floyd--Meddle or Ummagumma
Paul Simon/Simon and Garfunkel--Bookends
James Taylor--Sweet Baby James
Mamas and Papas--Farewell to the First Golden Era
The Byrds--Sweetheart of the Rodeo
Joan Baez--Diamonds and Rust
Judy Collins--Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Mozart--Sinfonia Conertante/Oistrakhs (father and son)
Beethoven--piano sonatas, Alfred Brendel
Tchaikovsky--violin concerto, many great versions to choose from (Milstein, Sophie-Mutter, Heifetz, Stern, Rabin)

Bach--Goldberg Variations, either version ('55 mono, '81 stereo)
Gershwin--Gershwin plays Rhapsody in Blue

Welcome! back- kythyn

Let's see...
The Beatles- Sgt Pepper (any format)
The Rolling Stones- Hot Rocks (CD or SACD)
The Who- Live at Leeds
Jimi Hendrix- Are you Experienced? (CD)
The Doors- 1st album (any format) - I had to add this one to your list!
Chicago Transit Authority s/t- (any format) - again, a must-own!
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (CD/SACD)
Dylan- Biograph (boxed set)
Fleetwood Mac- Rumors (CD)
The Eagles- Hotel California- (any format)
(The) Pink Floyd-  Dark side of the Moon- (SACD)
Simon/Garfunkel- Bridge over troubled Water- (any format)
Paul Simon- Negotiations and Love Songs (CD)
Prince- 1999 (any format)
Aretha Franklin- Aretha's Gold (CD)
Elton John- Goodbye yellow brick Road- (any format)
James Taylor- JT- (gold CD)
Mama/Papa- greatest hits (CD)
The Bryds- Sweetheart of the Rodeo- (CD)
Santana- s/t (CD/SACD)
Bonnie Raiit- Nick of Time- (CD)
Joan Baez- Diamonds & Rust- (any format)
Judy Collins- Who knows where the time Goes- (any format)
Mozart- Sinfonia- (any format)
Beethoven- Piano Sonatas- (any format)
Tchaikovsky- Violin Concerto- (any format)
Handel- The Messiah -(any format)
Bach- Goldberg Variations- (any format)
Gershwin- Rhapsody in Blue- (any format)
Chopin- (any)

What? No Jo Stafford?
Pink Floyd- PULSE
Elton John- Live in Australia
Mozart- Complete Piano Concertos by Mitsuko Uchida (Decca)
Beethoven- Symphony Cycle--John Elliot Gardiner (Archiv)
Tchaikovsky- Piano Concerto #1- Lang Lang (sacrilege I know) (DG)
Gershwin- Piano Concerto-Helene Grimaud (Erato)
Bach- Sonatas and Partitas- Rachel Barton Pine, Goldberg-Gould 55’
Chopin- Ballades, Barcarolle, and F-Minor Fantasy--Krystian Zimerman, Preludes- Rafal Blechacz