Building a Brand New HT... Need advice

I'm building a new Home Theater on my dad's house and I'm looking for advice... For the moment, I'm buying the following equipments: Pre-Amp/Processor/Tuner; Amplifiers and Speakers System. I want to build a 7 channel HT (for DTS-ES and THX EX), so my Pre-Amp choises are a little limited. I was thinking on buying the B&Ks (Reference 30 Pre-Amp and Reference 7270 7ch Amp) and the MKs 150 THX Ultra Certified Speakers System. What do you think? Can you give me some advice for equipment at this price range (around 10K)?
You can expand your options by going for a 5-channel amp and a 2 channel from the same company, as there are many of these compared to just a few 7 channel amps. Bryston makes a good 5 channel amp, for instance, but I'm sure you'll get many recommendations for specific equipment on this thread. I believe one of the Lexicon processors can do 7.1, and you often see these used. The Brystons can be found used as well (with their 20 year warranty), which could free up some $$ for what really counts (i.e. speakers). BTW, a THX certification doesn't mean a helluva lot, even in a sub. It means the unit meets certain specifications, and paid for licensing, but it doesn't mean it sounds good (this is not a comment on the MK stuff, which I'm not familiar with). Good luck.
My Lexicon MC-1 will handle 7 speakers (2 rear and 2 side plus the usual 3 in front) but it is not a true 7.1 Depending on the mode I use I can make it sound very good, better than 5.1, but it there is no true 7.1 software that I know of. The newest thing is 6.1, with 10.1 maybe in the near future. There are 6.1 movies out now, and I believe the newest Lexicon has the capability to process it. Very confusing, but worth reading up on before you decide!!!!!
I own a B&K Pre/Pro and it doesn't disappoint. I have demo many different units and for the $$$, B&K has worked some magic (IMHO). To me the Ref 30 is a no brainer. The amps are also well made. I have listened and liked the them as well. I did however go with a Bryston 4B-ST on the front (for stereo listening) and use Adcom power for the other channels (home theater). I still am impressed with B&K amps and think you are looking in the right place. I am not that wild about M&K speakers (they sound good, but I just don't ever get moved by them). Anyway, with a budget to watch, try PSB (strata series) and Meadowlark. I own Hales Design which everyone knows they bit the dust. IF not for that, I would recommend them. Too bad, they were awesome for the money. If I was buying now, I would proably go Meadowlark. I just thought they sounded awesome. However if HT is the main goal, I might go PSB. Anyway, my $0.02......Good luck..LR
Thank You for your advice. Just for the record, the equipmente will be installed in a Home Theater dedicated room. So there will be no Hi-Fi (or any kind of music) listening. The main goal is to watch DVD films.
What about the Lexicon Amplifiers? Are they a good match for the Lexicon MC-1 Pre-Amp?
Lexicon amplifiers are identical (ie, re-branded) to Bryston so, yes, they're very good and would work well for your intentions. If you're building a HT-only system and can spring for the Lexicon MC-1 (or even DC-2), you'll love it - it's absolutely fantastic for HT.