Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?

No opera or rap in the three must haves. Sorry.


Impossible...I would personally have trouble with all 100. Still, too much great music would be left out. Good luck with your pursuit.  AB

Most albums of great music are available in very decent digital versions, so it is not that essential to hunt down a vinyl version.  But, in some cases, the original vinyl release is quite a bit better than anything else.  This particularly true with jazz and specialty recordings that were done direct-to-disc.  These are some of my picks:

Dave Brubeck-Take Five (original, 6-eye Columbia recordings sound better than anything that followed).

Bill Berry Allstars-For Duke (fantastic direct-to-disc recording)

David Peabody-Americana (obscure recording that was not reissued digitally that sounds amazing).

Duke Ellington-Blues in Orbit (6-eye Columbia original.  Another recording not surpassed in reissue. Sony though well enough of the recording to make it among the first SACDs issued, but even that was not as good as the originsl0


Peter Gabriel So

Talking Heads Remain in Light.

Grateful Dead 77 Cornell concert

Too numerous, 100 albums is a teaser.

@deroy Who's Next ,Dark Side ,Allman  Bros. At Fillmore East


I can’t argue with that list - all excellent albums!