Build me a system for my 11' by 15' room

Perhaps a little challenge to see who can suggest to me the ideal system by parting together audiogon used gear. System must use tube amp. Not a solid state fan. Aside from that anything goes with a budget around $6000.

Room is 15' by 11'

really love the sound of Proac D15 but not sure if the room is to small. I love the sound of the Proac 1sc but to me they lack depth. I enjoy jazz and rock music.

I know what I have my eye on but would love to see what other people come up with.

There is a three month old pair of Magnapan MMG's for sale today for $400.
Pair this with a Scott tubed amp, and possibly a small sub ( I have a REL on order) and you will have outstanding sound at a budget price. This works fine in my 12x12 room with 9' ceiling. My Scott 222c was modified by Mapleshade.
Hi. Since we know in Audiophile jargon $6,000.00 means $8,000, I priced it accordingly. Harbeth speakers, ($2500.00) Sound Anchor speaker stands ($250.00), CJ Premier 11a tube amp ($2000.00), Naim CDX player ($1800.00) , Placette passive preamp (750.00) Speltz speaker cables (Bi-wire) and interconnects (2 pair)($250.00). You'll need to upgrade the power cables, and get a stand ASAP.
budget $300 for DIY room acoustic treatments, and build that first. see jon risch's web site for details.

see my rig; i'm in the same size room as you, and you'll see that room treatments are extensive, and allow the room to act much bigger than otherwise, enabling a host of speaker options that would otherwise be precluded.

fwiw, your listening preferences should dictate speakers. but imagine merlins VSMs would be a nice match.
Vandy 2 ce sigs -------------- --------1000
Raysonic 128 ------------------------1200
ARC VT-100-------------------------1400
ARC LS -15---------------------------750
AQ Colorado 2 pair---------------------800
AQ Rockefeller bi- wire------------------395
total-----------------5545=($55 for bottle of wine)

update Rockefeller to Mont Blank later
I have a pair of Proac Response 1.5s in a 11.5X13 room. The room is pretty well treated but I love them in here. Check my system.
Not a tube fan here so no real recommendations.
Optional but recommended
Two bass traps - $300
Two Skyline RPG difusers - $200
Two absorbers - $50

Speakers - Omega Max Hemps - $1500 used
Amp - Consonance Cyber 211 - $2500 used
CDP - Consonance Droplet 5.0 cdp with volume control - $1500

for additional inputs - TVC or CIA passive pre ($350) or Mapletree linestage ($600) - all in used prices.

Cables - by Morrow Audio - $300

(Nice very engaging and emotionaly superb basic system with room to grow. Jazz first - Rock close second )

System for Rock first Jazz second.

Speakers - AAD 2001 monitors - $1500 (reach down to 30Hz )
Stands - $200
Amp - Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks - $1700
Preamp - Modwright 9.0 SE $1200
CDP - Raysonic CD 128 - $1000

(More agressive but still great for Jazz

System 3

Speakers - Zu Druid -$2000
Amp - Melody integrated amp I2A3 - $1800
CDP - Raysonic CD 128 $1000
Turntable - MMF-7 $700
Phono - Wright Sound WPP200C -$600

More comlete system - does Jazz and Rock equaly well.

Cheers and do not forget those room treatments.
I would love to hear the Zu's. It is not the type of system that I have been able to demo.