Build a system for $1000

One of my sons is moving in with his girlfriend.  He grew up with my audio obsessions and seems to be immune to them.  She apparently grew up in some type of Fundmentalist household where listening to reproduced music, and most other things that make life worthwhile, were discouraged.  She has fortunately rejected all of that and we love discussing food and wine with her as she is a cooking buff.
Anyway, she wants a decent audio system, and my son at least remembered that I might be good for something.  Both of them are used to Apple Ear Bud or TV speakers , but Tina asked me at brunch today for advice.  Their budget is a grand, she says sound is the paramount consideration.  She wants a digital tuner and isn’t interested in powered speakers.  They were including a TV stand in the budget
  My wife, who shares my taste in music but could care less how it is reproduced, wondered if I had any spare stuff that I could contribute.  I just took a perfectly good 9 year old Onkyo AVR out of one of my HT systems that was top of the line at the time so that can be used and it has digital inputs.  I also have a TV mount that I picked up that might suit their TV.  I recently added a Bryston BDP3 streamer to my main system and if Bryston  ever add Qobuz then I can donate a Bluesound Node 2 , but not sure if that will occur.
  Anyway, how would you answer their search?
Take the Onkyo and add an Audio Engine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver, nice stands for the receiver and speakers (See AudioAdvisor) and spend the rest on the speakers plus some decent cables.  Speaker choices are nearly endless.  If they want to watch Bluerays/DVDs, stream Amazon, Netflix, etc., or listen to the occasional CD, adding a consumer grade Samsung BDP with streaming capability would round it out for not much additional cost.  The mid to higher end Samsungs can be configured to feed raw bitstream audio to the DAC in your receiver and the performance with BDs and CDs is rather good.
I like the bt may fit their needs and on a relatively inexpensive system the compromises may not be apparent...

I can build a system for other people for $1K, but not necessarily myself (as an almost lifetime audiophile, I’m VERY picky when it comes to sound quality.... for myself, $2K may do it, and even then, compromises are going to be eminent, and I have to be able to know whether or not would I be willing to put up with those compromises long term until I come into a windfall of money, then of which I can make upgrades everywhere).

But here’s what I would suggest for them....

Speaker System -- Polk Audio TSi200 -- $200.00 (and that’s provided they don’t need SPL’s approaching that of a concert hall in an auditorium, nor need a bass response that you can feel nor can shake a room, and you’re not gong to have a lot refinement either. But for a young couple starting out, this all you need for right now. Something to aim towards later on).

Stereo Receiver:-- Onkyo TX-8270 -- $385.00 (100 WPC @ 8 Ohms, probably don’t need that much power, but it has network capability, connectivity for their TV (provided it’s a late or recent model), internet radio, and a phono input (for a MM Cartridge) just in case they decide to get a turntable later on.... a receiver they can grow with over time).

Network Music Player/Streamer -- BlueSound NODE 2 -- $390.00 (or less)(used.... off of eBay)

Total Price: $975.00 Plus Speaker Cable (between $25.00 and $50.00)


Yeah, the TV issue, not sure if the Onkyo that I was going to give them will work with whatever they have....Athey just moved in so after Easter I will e trying it out...thanks for your suggestions.