Build a system around speakers in the $5-$7.5K

If you were going to build a system around speakers in the $5-7.5K range (new or used) what would you buy?

Thanks and Happy Listening
I am currently rebuilding my system around my new Revel Studios. Great speaker especially used for around $7K.
which pushes your estimate envelope to the extreme.

I love these speakers. Great dynamics and soundstaging.
Great HF extension and very good LF extension. They look great to. (Well, they do to me, especially since we recently redecorated the living room in a more modern style.) Very revealing and accurate.

Make sure you leave yourself enough money to buy fairly powerful amp(s) though, as they are a bit power hungrey.
Sensitivity = 87db, and they dip down to an impedence of 3 ohms, although the average is 6 ohms, I believe. I use a 200W/ch Levinson amp (No. 23). It works very well with the speakers.

Other used speakers I would consider in the price range:

Sonus Faber Cremonas (Very good, lacks a little bass)

Wilson Sophia (Very good, similar to Studio, in a Wilson kind of way.)

The two new Quad electostatics (Sorry, I can't remember the numbers.)
This is a very subjective question. However, I personally would go on a natural and musicaly sounding system. MBL is ideal for both amplification and source, but you would better look for used equipment. Alternatives for the gear could be Plinius and MSB/Mark Levinson for the source.
Heard some GREAT new speakers at CES 2004 ... Vandersteen Quatros ... $6500 new.
I personally would purchase a used pair of Shahinian Diapasons. Like Roy said this is very subjective. Each of the best speakers available have tradeoffs. If you let us know what type of music you listen to and how important imaging, volume levels, deep bass and dynamics are then we can narrow your list. You will get many suggestions on this post. The following names however have repeatedly shown up in the magazines and Audiogon as speakers people love. (I'm sure I left a few out)
In No Particular Order
Wilson Audio
Hey holzhauer!: what about B&W's? B&W nautilus 802's are probably the most well received pair of loudspeakers going.
Does Stereophile or The Absolute Sound recommend the 802's? I heard them and did not like them. I found them so analytical that I would sit there criticizing the equipment and the recording all the while ignoring the music. Speakers have to sound like real live music for me to like them and the N-802's I heard did not do this. Again this is a very subjective issue and I'll admit a lot of people own the 802's. Maybe Bigkidz would like them but my personal belief is that if one were to audition my list above including the 802's they would most likely remove the 802's from their short list. Again this is subjective.
Dunlavy 5 used if you have the space 17x17 or better works good with them.
Just read these two threads:

Merlin VSM-M or VSM-MX vs. Kharma CRM3.2 series on speakers forum
Tenor Hybrid v. VTL MB-450 Sig. thread on amp/pre forum

Merlins will end up on your short list. If you speak with [email protected], they'll stay on your short list.

Cheers, Spencer
Holzhauer, I've heard a couple of the pairs of speakers on your list, and do not think that they compare to the B&W's. I feel as though you should give a disclamer in your posts, warning people of your own personal preferences. I would be willing to wager that B&W sells more 802's in a week than Shahinian sells in a year. Lots of people like the 802's. If you are going to give someone advice, you should include these speakers in your advice. By the way, stereophile is a joke.
I'm sorry I criticized a speaker that you like. I know it's irritating to hear someone criticize something you like or own. I still haven't fully recovered from Stereophiles extremely negative review of my beloved Shahinian Diapasons.
I would start off with the Martin Logan "Prodigy", under $7K used.

I have the "Ascent" today, and if I had a larger room, I would likely upgrade to the "Prodigy" myself.
I will start with Andra Eggleston maybe you can buy
them for 7k used.
I'd want to hear the Dali ML4's, the Silverline Bolero's, and a used pair of Verity Parsifals. (I have a fairly small room.) 'Til then I'm happy with what I've got.

I agree with Spencer. Merlin VSM M are speakers to build a system around. I have and am extremely happy.

I was a tad bit hesitant to call Merlin when I became interested. Don't be, Bobby is most generous with his time even if you don't end up agreeing with him.

He is very passionate about his design and its refinement in the 10+ years of building the VSM. Call him.

There will be used VSM M speakers in top notch condition that will come on the market as people persue upgrades to VSM MX. You'll have your speakers and change to upgrade in other areas.

Give [email protected] a call.