Build a Faraday cage around your equipment.

I just realized that there is an abundance of Material (cloth) that has EMF blocking characteristics on the market now. Considering it is a woven material flexible and can be easily sewn by ordinary means, this could easily be used to create a simple form of a faraday cage around your high end stereo equipment. They even have Curtains for your windows. I intend to experiment with it and have already started looking at potential heat problems and effectiveness of ONLY a partial cage, because of course you want to leave much of the Front and back of your equipment open. I believe it has a lot of potential in stopping interference between individual pieces of your equipment package and especially for those who like me have their setup contained in a rack/structure of some kind. There are numerous places that can be approached like even laying a sheet of the material over cable runs to keep out stray signals. This can be done in simple ways or you could get very deeply involved in configuring everything in the system to incorporate the blocking material. Some simple places it could be utilized are simply a sheet of it placed on a shelf before placing the equipment on it or as a simple barrier between pieces of equipment.  Attention to the types of material should be considered a high level of concern as the different types have different characteristics. Has anyone else experimented with this?


For me it's a no starter - draping cloth around my equipment seems very unsightly and any possible increase in sonics would be minuscule in comparison.

Practical steps I take to reduce EMI and RFI.

I  place a shielding Faraday fabric under each piece of audio gear.

I also place Shakti Stones on top of my digital gear.

Got rid of all fluorescent and LED bulbs in the house, and replaced them with incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent and LED bulbs emit a lot of EMI.

Finally I told my utility company to not install a smart meter, which is a major source of RFI.

For all those who think that shielding is unnecessary. First get rid of all your high dollar pawer cables and interconnects than talk to me about it.
After placing one single sheet of very nice cloth on the tabletop of my entertainment center, I had a very unexpected result. Separating all of my audio equipment from my new Samsung 8K Neo-QLED TV, the television came  alive. I actually had to adjust the settings all over there was such a dramatic change.
The colors were not just more dramatic, but more attractive & Contrast increased  among the most relevant changes. Considering the poor grade of TV it made a lot of difference. That should make some of you irritated at me.

RFI and EMI is everywhere, and is constantly bombarding our audio equipment and us 24/7. And it's only getting worse with the roll out of 5G and so called Smart meters. You would be wise to protect not only your audio gear, but yourself from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic pollution