Build a Faraday cage around your equipment.

I just realized that there is an abundance of Material (cloth) that has EMF blocking characteristics on the market now. Considering it is a woven material flexible and can be easily sewn by ordinary means, this could easily be used to create a simple form of a faraday cage around your high end stereo equipment. They even have Curtains for your windows. I intend to experiment with it and have already started looking at potential heat problems and effectiveness of ONLY a partial cage, because of course you want to leave much of the Front and back of your equipment open. I believe it has a lot of potential in stopping interference between individual pieces of your equipment package and especially for those who like me have their setup contained in a rack/structure of some kind. There are numerous places that can be approached like even laying a sheet of the material over cable runs to keep out stray signals. This can be done in simple ways or you could get very deeply involved in configuring everything in the system to incorporate the blocking material. Some simple places it could be utilized are simply a sheet of it placed on a shelf before placing the equipment on it or as a simple barrier between pieces of equipment.  Attention to the types of material should be considered a high level of concern as the different types have different characteristics. Has anyone else experimented with this?

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I am going to go totally against my own belief system, that manufacturing engineers are competent enough to do exactly what you describe in the venting. Just look a some of the places they have not adequately served the audiophile community, such as Power cables. Of course it would not be cost effective for them to include $5k power cables on a $2k device, but it is a point of failure. Then all I had to do was google, 'hysteresis in radio waves', and the first thing on the list was this nice report.
Materials for electromagnetic interference shielding

Yes it is at the extreme end of the imagination when considering audio equipment, but it is a recognized problem in the industry. AND slots are not HOLES or mesh either. Most slots on audio equipment would do about as good a job of keeping out radio frequency as it would a bucket of water. Normally I would demand (if I were you) that I provide you proof of that statement, but I would have to demand you proved me the tech specifications on the particular slots you wish to discuss to be able to argue the point. Bottom line, it is an industry concern that is being studies and addresses currently with some fervor and I just in an armature status though I would look into trying a few things on my system. 
Also when I was asked to show a need. On another post here Carlsbad2 remarked to one person about his body conduct signal like a "High Impedance conductor" with something about using his "Hook and peg leg" I thought that was a good poke in the funny bone, but yes we just today saw this discussion on spurious signal propagation.

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