Build a Faraday cage around your equipment.

I just realized that there is an abundance of Material (cloth) that has EMF blocking characteristics on the market now. Considering it is a woven material flexible and can be easily sewn by ordinary means, this could easily be used to create a simple form of a faraday cage around your high end stereo equipment. They even have Curtains for your windows. I intend to experiment with it and have already started looking at potential heat problems and effectiveness of ONLY a partial cage, because of course you want to leave much of the Front and back of your equipment open. I believe it has a lot of potential in stopping interference between individual pieces of your equipment package and especially for those who like me have their setup contained in a rack/structure of some kind. There are numerous places that can be approached like even laying a sheet of the material over cable runs to keep out stray signals. This can be done in simple ways or you could get very deeply involved in configuring everything in the system to incorporate the blocking material. Some simple places it could be utilized are simply a sheet of it placed on a shelf before placing the equipment on it or as a simple barrier between pieces of equipment.  Attention to the types of material should be considered a high level of concern as the different types have different characteristics. Has anyone else experimented with this?


IN response to the comments so far. FIRST I don’ t expect it to protect from a nuclear event. If you don’ tthink there is any potential need for this why do most if not ALL of your cables have extensive shielding in them? Speaking of cables their ever changing shield designs seem to prove how ineffective they believe they are. MOST metal cases are not designed to eliminate emf or at least on any device I have ever seen. Yo can take most of those solid steel cases and poke a bunch of holes in the ( in an effective way) and provide extensively better shielding from RF.. Just look at the door of your microwave. and How about those EXPOSED tubes in tube Amps? No Shielding there. Why are there some many conversations about isolation effective shielding, Grounding Ground Loops, and nearly 50% of the conversations on this forum? For a couple of dollars you can "theoretically" remove much of the interaction between devices. and for Carlsbad2 what is there that you find so hateful? Or was your choice of words, 'inodates' just trying to sound educated and a total miss?  I see so many people spending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in equipment meant to do the very same thing, but of course You see my name on a post and you have to make some STUPID remark. The only hateful remarks are from YOU.


1. Most of my cables don’t have shielding.

2. I was just making fun of the word he used. I think it was a typo.

3.  I am a physicist.  I deal in facts, not opinions.



Jerry, on that I will apologize. It looked as though you were using the word against me. I actually had a hard time finding any reference to that word and though it was a typo but then it actually showed online up as ’hatred’.


Some people don’t like shielding, but when the e=industry spends so much time inventing new ways to do it...

I thought it was word the $5 investment for a trial test. When you consider some people building high tech additions to their homes to house $1 mil systems it would take much imagination to find someone lining their walls with this stuff. As mention there are already window curtains being sold for this. AND CLOTHING for the 5G paranoid folks.

I was a manufacturing Eng. (trained as an Electronics Eng), My last job in the field was certifying companies for ISO certification. I deal with DATA and the FINEST of details. it became an obsession. I look for the odd things that no one ever thinks about like once when I mentioned on one of the forums about replacing all o f the screws in my speakers with Brass screws. Not that iron screw pose much of a magnetic influence,  but in theory...

I get some odd ideas, like now I just ordered some CAT8 ethernet cables to see if they would do any better than some expensive silver plate OCC C AT 6 cables. Most of my stuff I use I have found insignificant I wonder why I try. But I am retired and have all the time in the world to play.

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Since a solid metal cage provides the best protection, you might just ground all of your equipment and make sure that all cables are properly shielded.