Buggtussel speakers from Michigan has a model, "Amygdala" which I briefly heard last month at an audio shop in NYC. I did not get a good listen, but was impressed with the deep, impactful bass and dynamic range. Does anyone have more "performance" information on this speaker?? I listened to this model in a very small room; how might it perform in a medium to large room?? How might they compare to the Gershman Acoustics Avante Garde RX-20 which is about $4500 at retail, whereas the B's are $4000???
What type of music do you listen yo?
Follow up to above question: I listen to mostly classic rock on FM, CD LP and tape format. This includes Grateful Dead concert tapes recorded off of the weekly "Grateful Dead Hour" These tapes were recorded using a reconditioned Nakamichi LX-3 which makes excellent copies. I also listen to fusion jazz, 40's big band music, and silly stuff like Flim and the BB's. Thanks, Jim
This brand was extremely impressive at CES in January. Sorry I don't recall the details though.
Hi Sunny, I think they are a really good rock speaker.