Buggtussel Cingulates or B&W 805's or Proac?

I am looking for a pair of moinitor speakers. Can anyone tell me about Buggtussel Cingulates Specially. Or should I buy Cingulates or B&W 805's or Proac 1sc or Proac 2000 tablets? I might be asking a dumb question. But I don't know much about frequency or crossovers, etc..etc...

What is your price range and what kind of music do you listen to?"
My price range is between 1-2k. I listen to music that have bass and more instruments sound (Hindi).
I haven't heard the speakers you list, but having heard others from each line, I would look at ProAc first.
I have some experience with other B&W and ProAc. Maybe that can help a bit.

I have old B&W 802. It never sounds it's best with my amps (100W SS and tube). I know them can sound fantastic but I just don't have the right gear. They souned flat and less vivid/involving in my system comparing to ProAc. Some may say it's neutral though. Surprisingly, it didn't have much bass (in my system, anyway)

ProAc monitors don't really have bass. Super tablette virtually has no bass, and it's not the strength. They have very good tonal accuracy and almost pin-point positioning. I would recommend Response 2 if you insist in monitors. I have them for 7+ years in my system and am very happy with them. If you can go for floor standing, Response 1.5 is a much better choice and they fall in your budget range (used) ProAc monitors need (and deserve) good speakerstands which will set you back about $500.

I am using primarily tube amps (100w PP and/or 8w SET) to drive my ProAc Response 2.5 and Response 2. Listening to mostly classical music.

Matching with your existing gears (amp, pre-amp, wires, front-end, etc) is very important. Good speakers could sound terrible and disappointing.
Buggtussel got a bad review in TAS or something earlier this year. Also resale value is probably not good. So if you buy them, you better like 'em.
Do you want to hear exactly what is on the recording? Them go with B&W.
Proac's are more seductive but the tweeter on Response 2.5 is bad. Don't know about monitors. But the 3.8's are really good.
GO with B&W signature 805s. Better than both the nautilus 805 and proacs in treble and bass. Saw one on the gon for 2500.
I have never seen a bad review on any of the Buggtussel speakers. I have a set of the Amigdala speakers by them and they are a wonderful speaker. I have heard the Cingulates and was very satisfied with their sound. They use the same drivers as the higher up models. You won't be sorry with a purchase of Buggtussel equipment.
If you listen mostly to Hindi music,the speakers won't really matter since most of the early stuff is badly recorded.I have owned/possessed 4 different pairs of B&Ws from 302s,602s,603s to CDM 9NTs.Hence my vote this and everytime is B&W.
Sunnyboy1956, right on! Buy B&W, talk about everything else.