buget used amp ?

I would like to find a nice budget amp to compliment an Adcom GTP-500ii, the amp will be power Thiel cs 1.6.  The Pre Amp and Speakers will not be replaced.  Thoughts? Thank you.
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There are two Amber Series 70 amps available now on eBay. $325 + free shipping. $229.99 + $61.25 shipping. I own one myself! Outstanding SQ and able to deliver high current into low impedance speakers! An easy recommendation for you! Why pay more? The Amber amp was very favorably. reviewed by The Audio Critic. 
Hey Guys,

Thank you for all the replies I will be doing some research today.  Keep them coming.  Unfortunately due to COVID Ive had to sell all my McIntosh :( but what I find odd is since using the Adcom Pre with a GFA 5300 I have more volume and bottom end than ever before.  But I lost some soundstage and air hoping i can find a good band aid until I get back on my feet.
Belles 150A Hot Rod. You may have to be patient for one to come up for sale. Yes, I own one of these amplifiers and they offer excellent performance and value. One person's opinion...
Yup that was the deal with me. I went with higher wattage amps on the Mac and they would just open up.. A C20 is the bomb for a great sounding Adcoms.. They all needed tone control, BUT good tone control. C20s have a Bass contour, loudness and tone control. The tube roll is icing on the cake.

Until then

Class ds are gonna be boomy and gloomy with that pre. Better off with an A/B of some sort..

What about Crown for the power and bang for the buck. You can always move it to a bass position and even go with a little valve amp for the mids and highs later on.. Keep the cost down but a plan for the future without breaking the bank..

what about a B&K Components - ST-140