Bug Ugly

WAF aside. Sound quality aside. What is the ugliest, most pathetic looking component you've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. What was so hideous it would make Bluto Blutarsky from "Animal House" hurl?

No fair picking on the mid fi crap from Circuit City, et al.
Those B&W Nautilis Speakers in the Stereophile ad with the swirly gray side panels that looked like Blutarsky already hurled on them.
Maggies that are white clothed with their darkest wood. This combination is HORRID.

Take a look at http://www.exoticaudio.org for some examples of really ugly gear - but also some really cool gear.
Those ugly little Green Mountain audio speakers- with or with out grille's they are ugly!
Those expensive MBL speakers that look like a hot air balloon.
I think the new pyramid shaped Edge amps
belong on this list.
Wow I thought this thread was going to be about me. Imagine my disappointment! Swampwalker is right. Those plywood looking B&W speakers are hideous. The first time I saw them I was in the basement alone listening and I couldn't stop screaming.
What marketing genius came up with the idea to push plywood on the general public or was it a joke higher up to see if anyone was paying attention?
The Blue Circle lady pumps and purse in any color or size.
I say Nrchy is butt ugly. In particular when he stands next to Monitor Audio Studio 60's speakers.

He looks like Bella Lugosi going from re-hab into his Dracula casket.

Wearing those Blue Circle pumps and purse, in bright pink.
And the red lipstick and blond tresses don't help any, either. Unshaven legs, hairless tail...

Ah... what that out loud?

Norh 4.0 speakers (even moreso than the 9.0s), especially in the fuscia and chartreuse. Offensive to the extreme.
Before the moderators close down this thread like they did last time, I would like to say hello to the ugly equipment manufacturers (you know who you are). Hi to Dick, Jim, John, Bob, and Dave!
Dyna ST-70 is quite ugly I think.With the lights dim and some wine in the gut she looks pretty good though.
Kinda like most of my past 'other' women.
The new Edge amplifiers, the sorriest looking piece of equipment I have ever seen. Reinforces my suspicion that high-end manufacturers have a jolly good time laughing at their customers. To call that a piece of industrial design is a sad joke. More and more of these monstrosities are coming with wood accents, blue lights and do-ichi-poos to satisfy the folks for whom excess is the only way to go. The Edge stuff is not even good post-modern design. Those horrible Legacy speakers that look like they have been built from woodwork taken out of a turn of the century brothel or from the local Holiday Inn meeting where the Chamber of Commerce meets are also hideous an are the ones with the horns. Please spare us "originality" if you have no taste.
TWL, just goes to show, I happen to really like the looks of the MBL "hot air balloon" speakers! However, I really hate the looks of their huge and mega-buck power amps. They remind me of Teutonic ship ballast weights!