buffalo terastation - doesn't allow special charac

I just bought a buffalo terastation NAS to use with my Sonos. (So I don't have to have the computer turned on to access my music library)
I already have a 2tb lacie drive full of music that I want to copy to the Buffalo. Problem is, it won't allow "special characters" such as / and * , which I have thousands of in my song names.
I tried using the apple script "replace text in item names" and thought for sure I had solved the problem, by telling it to change all / to .
It didn't work. I got two beeps. (I think this is apple speak for TOO MANY FILES perhaps?) There are about 24000 (uncompressed) songs, but hell, if this thing really does millions of operations per second, it would seem that changing a couple thousand /s to .'s would not be so hard.

Please help! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Interesting. Those characters have special meanings for windows/linux, so I don't think its a terastation-specific issue. If its too many files, can you run the script on a subset of files? All songs beginning with "A," for example? Can you tweak the script to do that?
I've heard of this problem. In fact, someone suggested I stay away from the Buffalo products for this reason. If you contact Buffalo, they should have something to say (you would think).
If you contact Buffalo, please share your info with us.

I too am going w/Sonos. My Buffalo 500GB NAS arrived today. Before I open the box, I'd like to know if I should consider another NAS option.

Buffalo said they don't have a fix. As for doing it one letter at a time, well considering how many special characters there are, and that it would have to be done for each one and for each letter, it's too much work. I spend too much time on the computer already! Plus, this thing is supposed to be making my life easier!

BTW, I LOVE my Sonus. It's everything the Squeezebox is not. Hail Sonus! But SCREW BUFFALO!! Just kidding.. Actually the problem seems to be with the linux OS in the buffalo.. not the drive itself.

Anyone else??