Budget used amp for Linn's and Rel

I am looking for a replacement integrated amp for my system. I currently have a Rotel RA 971 (bought in university) driving Linn Katan's (bought as a professional) and a Rel Q108. The source is a digital; music spooler (audiotron) with a soundstream / krell DAC.
My taste in music is predominantly electronica, not the bass thumping dance kind, but the glitchy drony kind, with some alt rock and 20th century classic thrown in for balance.
I think that my current system sounds fantastic, extremely responsive with great highs and lows. The rel blends beautifully, and I think the sound has great depth. I some how suspect that I am not quite getting the full benefit of the Linns and Rel from the Rotel.
I would like to spend around $1000 for new or used amp.
I have been thinking about Creek or Krell and sometimes even dream of tubes, like a Jolida. My intuition is to stay with solid state given the type of music that I listen to (very few vocals). Anyone have experience with a similar system?

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you can't go wrong with a linn amp. I'd go for the LK-140, or even the smaller LK-85. There is a definate synergy that takes place when you run Linn speakers with a Linn amp, as they were designed to work together.