Budget Turntable For Low Output Moving Coil ???


I would like to get Denon 103-R with the new model of the aluminum Midas shell. I own a good tube phono pre- amplifier for this cartridge (Jolida JD9) but I need a new turntable.

What would be the least expensive option that I could get good sound out of the Denon?

A gentlemen whose opinion I greatly respect has told me that a used version of the Rega P3 is the bottom end of turntable continuum (price wise). I do not want to make a horrible mistake, but what about one of the DJ type clones of the Technics 1200MK2?

What I am thinking of is the Numark TTX USB. It is a direct drive, but the specs on this are incredible! Low wow and flutter... and the other specs are great- Rumble: -58dB (IEC 98A Unweighted); -79dB (IEC 98A Weighted). It even has a straight tonearm. The Denon is reputed to love heavy tonearms.

Do you think it might work?

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

used Linn Axis with Basik tonearm if you can find one.

I've had mine for 25 years, 4-5 now with the Denon DL103R (the best sounding cart I have used with it), and still going strong.
the Nemark should not be considered as a turntable for anything other than getting your vinyl on your computer through the USB port. Putting that cart on a Newmark throug a jolida is like putting lipstick on a pig. Its still a pig
Good advise found above in both posts. You may want to also consider an 80s AR or Thorens TD 145,160, or 166. Nice ones can be found $300 to $400. My advise is to stay away from the low end Regas. Decent arms but in stock form have a crappy belt, (glorified o ring), dubious motor and cheap plastic subplatter. By the time you upgrade them you could have bought a VPI Scout. Personally I am not a fan of direct drives though many on the forum like the Technics you mention modded by KAB. I would imagine this would take it out of the budget category though.
The used Rega P3 is your minimum. I went that route with a DL-103. From there, you can incrementally upgrade when/if needed with your first objective a Groovetracer subplatter. A P3-24 or P5, both of which can use the TT-PSU power supply, are even better. I would not take a P3 past the above mods.

I own and enjoy several japanese DDs and prefer MM or HOMC cartridges in them. Perhaps this is just tradition.