Budget Turntable Cartridge Suggestions

I'm looking for a replacement cartridge for a friends turntable. It's a Project 1.2, I've replaced the factory Sumiko cartridge due to damage. The replacement cartridge is the Grado Black, and due to space is quite near the TV. As the Grado lacks shielding, I'm getting a fair amount of hum. I've tried everything to reroute the wires, but no luck. I don't remember hearing this hum w/ the Sumiko cartridge.

I'm using a MF X-LPS phono into a NAD 3200BEE integrated and pair Totem bookshelves. Base is not as big a consideration as the speakers are small. Highs and mid are the critical factor. I don't mean to be "Ted Technical" as we're talking budget components. Any suggestions in the sub-$100 range and/or experiences are appreciated. Thanks!!
I use a Shure M97xE and am very pleased with it. It won't give as much air or sparkly highs as more expensive carts, but it has a nice unfatiguing sound, is very unfussy, tracks like a mofo. And since switching to a low-mass unipivot arm, I'm getting great detail and better highs.

Check with Jack's Music Factory for a good price on it.
How about a Shure M97XE or a stanton 500e mk II?
I third the Shure M97XE suggestion. Very affordable and has a user-replaceable stylus as well. I was substantially more impressed with it than the budget Goldring Elan and Eroica carts (same body, different stylus.)
I would check into the Ortofon OM 10/20/30 series cartridges. Agon member 2juki typically has phenomenal deals on these cartridges. These are much faster, cleaner and more articulate sounding with good trackability than their prices would make you think. On top of this, you can start off with a lower model cartridge and then simply upgrade the stylus assembly, which is interchangeable between this series of cartridges. Sean
The Shure and Ortofon recommendations are great; I would add the Audio Technica AT-440ml.
All excellent suggestions. I'll enjoy any of the three, I'm sure.
All good choices. I've heard good things about the ortofon 20, which I believe can be upgraded to 30 by changing the needle...pretty nice if money's tight now. However, you are concerned with hum as well as sound. Talk to these guys... they carry a lot of lines, and may have the answer to your question.

Also read What's the deal with Grado hum" thread.