budget turntable?

Which of these budget TT is the better bang for the buck,Rega,Pro-ject,Music Hall or other choices?All around the $500 range.Thank you.
What about a phono preamp? Is that part of the $500 budget?
Will be using vintage NAD 3020 SERIES 20 amp.I think the phono stage will do fine.
REGA! best bang for the buck.
Second the Rega at the price point. Stretch it to $550.00 and get the Ortofon 2M Red with it.
None of the above. Find a nice used 80s AR or Thorens. Either are superior to your list above. Call Dave at Vinyl Nirvana.
I just moved up to a more expensive, higher end table and cart. I no longer need my Music Hall 2.2 le which has less than 100 hours on it. I'm replacing the crap Music Hall Tracker cart with a brand new Ortofon OM 5E. Interested? PM me.
A Gentleman at Needle Doctor recommended Music Hall.
I would second the notion if buying used/vintage is an option...however I at one time owned the Audio Tech atLp120 table...at 25lbs...extremely well built for a $200..includes decent At95 cart, mediocre phono preamp which is defeatable...I also owned a project Xpression series table years ago, carbon arm, in your budget...however the Lp120 is right there for ,1/3 the price
Rega, for sure!
Yeah, don't discount the idea of used higher performing kit.
Had a used pioneer pl-540 I had to sell for $$$ unfortunately! How does it compare to the turntables we've mentioned?
Sorry,hit the wrong key,Pioneer PL-530.
09-21-14: Kiko65
Second the Rega at the price point. Stretch it to $550.00 and get the Ortofon 2M Red with it.
For $399, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon includes a one-piece carbon fiber tonearm *and* the Ortofon 2M Red. I have actually heard it and at $399 this thing is unbelievably good. For another $129 (still cheaper than the Rega), you can add the Pro-Ject Speed Box, which--besides regulating speed better--lowers the noise floor by moving the power supply away from the turntable chassis.
Also like the option of using choice of cables as well.
Johnnyb53 knows budget gear(the good stuff) as well as anyone that posts here. I agree that the speed box would be a wise option. On the used side I would look into a JVC-Y55F/Y66F these are the last of the quality JVC decks with a good tonearm and excellent motor. I owned a JVC Y5F(previous model)for 10+ years and would have had to spend a lot more to better it.
True Johnnyb53,
I just like the Rega better based on head to head comparison. Rega sounded more lively with greater impact. That said, the Carbon/Speedbox combo is a magnificent option as well! Can't go wrong with either.
Happy hunting :-)
Bought a clean Linn Basik/Akito rig a few years ago and put a Sumiko Pearl on it...damn...it is amazingly refined for an "el cheap" system and I'll replace it with something much more expensive someday, but not soon.
For 5-600 $ I can put together a rig that will pretty well sound like the symphony I hear live, let me know when the clarinet comes in and give me a hint of hall ambience.

To hear where the clarinet is located ,both l-r and front to back and let me hear what hall it is cost me close to 3K
The Basik/Akito combo is scary good! Hard to find in pristine conditions but it certainly gives the LP12 (basic model) a run for its money. Definitely a keeper! Another plus, it can hold a MUCH better cart without a problem.
I had a highly regarded AT cart on the Akito and a local audio shop dude
suggested a Pearl after I complained about the AT being too squeaky (my test LP
for that turned out to be a Yo Yo Ma solo Bach thing...an accidental discovery
when old Yo Yo started sounding like he could peel paint with his scratchy
overtones). The Pearl is inexpensive (sorry...really...) but in this case is a great
match in my system, and Yo Yo sounds great.
I hear you Wolf. Hold on to what you like and trust your ears. One of my best experiences with the Basik/Akito were Clearaudio Aurum Beta S and, above all, Linn Adikt.
John, Have you purchased a TT? Of the 3, Rega, Debut carbon, Music hall, I believe the MH is only 1 to have adjustable VTA. Important for changing cartridges. Please keep us posted as you proceed, thanks.