Budget Tube Integrated amp?

I am looking for a budget first timer tube integrated amp. Could anyone give me some advice on which amp should I choose? So far I have several choices, they are: Antique Sound Labs AQ 1003, Jolida SJ 502A and Golden Tube SI 50. They are all runs about $800-$1000. I am using a ProAc Studio 100 with a NAD cd player. Any comments would help a lot. Thanks.
I would choose between Jolida and (or)SF Anthem 1, (i believe?)SF req. little-bit "warmer" speakers.
I have the Jolida 302 (which I believe to be a bit more musical than the 502) and am very pleased with it. For the money, it is hard to match the sound. A good tube upgrade from the facory Chinese tubes make a dramatic improvement as well. Hope this helps.
i recommened kora "flash" very musical never get too bright, i currently have the "Mercury" they are from France.There is one on sell in Audiogon for $800.look for this guy "Bkwaudiowebtv". I am not the seller don't get me wrong. Good luck!
Find a used Sugden or Arcam and use the savings on some new music. The Sugden has a larger and more dynamic reproduction, the Arcam a bit tighter and less detailed but very listenable. I would shy away from the Golden Tube as its build quality is questionable. Sonic Frontiers used to make an SFC-1 that really was very nice and you can find occassionally use at or around $700-800. Good luck.
Look for a MINT Cary SLI-80 or SLI-50, Audio Research CA50, Conrad Johnson CAV50, or even an old McIntosh MA230.