Budget tower speakers that rock!

Hey all!
First timer in here. I know how subjective this gets but I'll ask anyway... I'm looking for a pair of budget tower speakers (under $1000) that really cook w/ rock n roll music. Vintage is OK. I want to play them loud and I like solid bottom end extension. Maybe it's not the most refined sound in the world, but these speakers would (in theory) be exciting to listen to...meaning I'm not concerned w/ a neutral delivery. Again, I know a good speaker is a good speaker regardless of the genre of music being played...but humor me. What do you think are some decent choices to consider? Also, I play mostly vinyl on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon thru an Outlaw SS2150. Thanks!
I have a pair of Source Technology 7211’s with 2 of their subs. If you buy direct from John the prices are very reasonable and you get a great American made speaker.
Tekton Pendragons can sometimes be found on the used market for close to $1K. In my experience they're worth every penny and pretty much trounce the competition at anywhere near the price in terms of pure emotional engagement and 'you are there'-type realism. JBL Studio 590s are put on sale about 4x per year for $499 each with a 30 day trial period and free shipping both ways...very difficult to beat at that price for sheer, visceral impact but not quite as easy to drive as the Tektons and perhaps a bit more clinical...they're superb budget speakers, though.
For crazy loud and sheer fun, the Sansui SP-X11000. The absolute King of the Kabuki’s. I’ve never seen a speaker move so much air. They are a twin cabinet design for each channel and though certainly not hi-fi, they are the only speaker I’ll never get rid of. Your neighborhood villagers will be at your front door with pitchforks in hand.
I recommend a pair of vintage Infinity RS II’s. They are around used for under a $1000. You might have to have the woofs re-foamed. They are very large.

If you really want to rock out, find a pair of JBL 4698B Cabaret's. They are a PA speaker from the 1980-90’s designed by Mark Gander of JBL. Best kept secret in home audio. 18" woofer, 10" mid and a 2404H tweeter. A friend has a pair and he swears they keep up with his 4343, 4345’s and blow his L-300’s out of the water. They handle all types of music but will mix concrete if you want to rock out. Very efficient too at 103 dB/1 Watt/1 Meter. About as efficient as a Klipsch Corner Horn. They will handle ampzilla solid state amps (400 Watts RMS continuous, 800 Watts peak) or low-power tube amps. They do it all. Not wife-friendly with those pro-cabs but, you could build nice cabs for them. I see them occasionally on Cragslist for around $800-1200/ pair. They are large.
Cerwin Vega Baby!  Not my speaker, but with the right amplification they will make your ears bleed and give you left ventricular blockage.  

While the Outlaw is respectable, it is in no way capable of transporting you to that aural Nirvana.  The aforementioned Ampzilla would arrive you bruised, in need of IV administered fluids and a B12 shot.

You might update important legal documents before firing up that combo.