Budget terminated speaker cable?

last thread I promise.
I need about 15-20 feet of terminated speaker cable (banana plugs preferably since I heard they're the easiest). My budget is $70 and the rest of the system cost $930.
my priority is...easy to set up.

I've heard recs for BlueJean, Monoprice, Signal Cable, Audioquest, etc. and I don't know which one to pick.
Buy some Canare 4S11 wire and some banana plugs and terminate them yourself. You'll save money and you'll get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.
Canare 4S11. Excellent cable and very easy to terminate yourself.
That's easy. You can order a set of Blue Jeans Twelve speaker cable (Belden wire) 15 ft. bananas to bananas $72.50 plus shipping.
Got the BJC 12 18-foot. It was $80 shipped. Thanks!
Radio Shack.