Budget System matching, need integr amp

Hello, Looking to replace a Yamaha Receiver with a warm budget integrated amp. I want something that isn't treble happy or harsh. Current components that I like are speakers KEF Q15s, cdp Cal Audio Icon MKII, and wires DH Labs. SS Integrated amps I've looked at are NAD C340, Cambridge Audio A3i, and AMC 2100 with matching pre. All under 400. Thanks for any comments
I believe i suggested alredy, Linn Majik (Stereophile class B) for the price on the A-gon pages, it is hard to beat. Even that your speakers may not be compatible ( i am not famil. with q 15 spec.s)it would be worth replacing them for Linn Tukan, or i've been suggested, Meadowlark Kestrel's Although, i believe that Kef, are sensitive enough...join the "Linn crowd" you won't be disapointed.
I've had tremendous success with the MKII is a passive setting ... Sumo Ulysses amp with both a Mod Squad Line Drive Deluxe and an Adcom SLC-505. The Mod Squad is pricey .. the Adcom can be had for around $100 and comes real close to the big boys units.