Budget system around 1K

I am building a system during graduate school, it will be to long to survive with an ipod dock station that i personally hate as a vinyl lover!
I ordered today a Rega RP-1, could you guys help me to get an amp and a pair of monitors to go with it, in the used market!
I am thinking about the Rega Brio 3 and the Rega monitors, is just a though!
I will not pull the trigger until i hear from my audio Guru community!
Its hard to be on budget when you have fuzzy ears.....
thank you guys, I appreciate your time and guidance always.
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A Rega Brio 3 would be a great option. It's a great little amp, and, while I haven't heard the phono stage myself, it's supposed to be excellent. Speakers are a personal choice, of course, but many people swear by all-Rega systems as excellent value for money, and the R1s are great and very unfussy about placement. Totem are also said to be a nice match with Rega electronics. A used pair of Dreamcatchers would fit your budget. If it were me, I'd keep my eyes open for a pair of Snell Ks or K/IIs or Audio Note AX-2s. I have an original Rega Brio and Snell K/IIs in my office (which together cost me $400 used), and it's a great setup.
Rega Brio 3 and R1 speaks would be great and well within budget. I am with you and the iPod thing.....however, I finally researched a lot and ended up with an iPod Nano 5th generation which sounds best of the lot in many people's opinions.
1) Rega Brio 3 is a fine option and has a decent MM phono input - there's one that just got posted for $425!

2) Energy RC-10 speakers (new at $300 - just posted). Find the SoundStage review!

...leaves $250-ish for cables and possibly an HRT iStreamer (one listed now for $160) to make your iPod a decent source.

Good luck!
Tandberg 3012 or 3012A integrated or Audiolab 8000A integrated (original British made not current), any of them around $300-$350. All have MM phono, not sure if you can run LOMC with them. I wouldn't. As for speakers..yes, older Snell or Audionote or some B&W. And some cables, of course.
Your "all-Rega" system is the joint. Don't deviate. Get a Brio (it's amazingly great with a killer phono stage), the Rega R1 and stick with your Rega TT. You will be happy.