Budget System Advice still partying like it's 1999

The kid is out of the house and I have taken over his old bedroom as a Listening Room! 
I listen to a wide range of music but generally not too loud. The room is rather small with some acoustic treatments so I have a nearfiled listening set-up. 

Current system:
Amazon HD Music
Apple Airport Express 
MSB Link DAC (Toslink)
Music Hall 15.2 Integrated ( Toddler killed the Rega Integrated :-(  a true test of unconditional love. )
Triangle Titus XS
Rega Planar 

I assume the Airport Express / Toslink / MSB are obsolete. Is that true? Looking for suggestions for digital source upgrades that fit the system. 

Well you know if it ain't broke...:-)

BUT If ya got to spend ya got to spend.. Enjoy..

 HeHe. Just having a dedicated room is a HUGE upgrade, I probably should enjoy it for a while. 'Cause I will want to spend eventually that's just the way it goes. 
Yea, get to know your system in the 'new' room for a while. Then upgrade starting with your music source and streamer.  
Do you have a subwoofer?
No. The room is small (9x10x12 h) so lower bass is tricky. Placing the monitors about 14” off the front wall seems give me enough bass reinforcement.