Budget subwoofer needed

My Velodyne CT100 sub is on it's last legs and making some weird taps or some such noise now and then, so it looks like it's time to get a replacement subwoofer.

I would like to know from the sub owners out there which subs would be a suitable low cost over achiever to put in the CT's place?

Volume and phase control is important, and a X over would be nice too. line and speaker connections as well, if you please.

This is a bedroom system (14 x 12 x 8) with a Sony 444es reciever, Phase Tech PC 10.5 mains, Phase Tech PC 6.5 rears, and a ghost center ch.

I'd like to spend under $400... yeah, for sure!

Actually, IF such a thing is out there I'd also consider getting a second one or a step up from that for the main HT system's rear ch. which is near done being remodeld and uses all Silverline speakerage (Sonata III; SR 15s; Center stage middle speaker) and a Velodyne DD 15. that room is 19.75 x 13.75 x 8.5 and closed off entirely now.

I'd spend a mite more for that rigs second sub.

Any ideas, or thoughts on either path would be severely appreciated.

Thanks much.
Have you looked over at the SVS website ? They have subs in all price ranges.

I am a fan of Hsu Research subs. I have the VTF-3 Mark 2 and it is the last sub I will ever need to buy. Hsu is known for great service before and after the sale, great products, and low prices. Their STF-2 is +/- 2 dB at 25 Hz, speaker level and RCA inputs, crossover, phase switch, $349 plus shipping. More than enough SPL for that sized room. Good luck!
Thanks for the tip... That's the real deal figuring what works with what size room, in the end. I will take a peek.

Thank you very much.

The HSU & SVS were/are in my head to look at .... but they both make so many units I've no clue what would fit my needs/desires in the SVS line up.
Go infinite baffle. You can build one cheap if you have a little skill and they will blow the doors off anything you can buy at the store.

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I misspoke. High & low filters are more the apt terms.

I really wasn't expecting this now need but last night the little sub that could... seemed it couldn't any longer.

My Phase Techs are my sole 'vintage' pieces. I had the large-ish 2 way 85db 8 ohm, PC 6.5s completely done over by PT up in Jax a few years ago... then sat idle for nearly a year. Same thing with the PC 10.5s. A former flagship model from about ten years ago now. I got them from another A'gone member locally for a fair price to fill the void left behind by the sale of my Monitor Audio Gold 60s. the PC 10.5s are on the schedule to be refitted too... soon as I can find or get boxes decent enough to get them up there and back safely. They perform as well as whatever is driving them... the better, the better.... but not the last word in resolution at 87db & 4 ohms... but a richly full sound from about 40Hz & up with a great tweeter and really nice midrange... anyhow the sound is fine enough by me for HT or music, with music having the edge. HT comes off a tad soft on the leading edge so gun fire isnn't terribly the jump factor sort of sound with them one could want or expect.

I've heard far less for lots more. Overall I've paid attention to Phase Tech now personally, for close to 20 years and they always provide an outstanding value for a buyer. Their latest high tech HT offering, Vector ? is stunning those who have heard it.

I guess they were my default - fall back speaker line, for a long time, until Silverline came my way. they are sure less pricey than Silverline too. The PT support is top notch, bar none.

I'll sure call both hsu & SVS... for the Bedroom rig, a less than top performer will work. Gee, todays tech vs. 12 years ago base entry unit? Yes, I think things are about to improve.
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Hi Bob
Yes, they are all flat faced foam filled drivers, with foam covers to make what appears to be a coneless and flat looking driver in all but their tweets. PT was the first to do something special with a soft dome tweet years and years ago. Remember?

My PC 6.5s are 30 years old. well the wood is older I'm sure, but the working parts on them 'were' over 30 until I had them entirely replaced along with their x overs a couple 3 years ago including the grills too.... the big 'uns, PC 10.5, will also receive that treatment soon enough.

I've only read of the DART system in J.A.'s rag... I've not heard them myself. Given the attention PT has to time and phase coherency in their previous offerings I'm sure it's a truly remarkable system... and it should be if virtually everyone in the room can be sitting in the sweet spot simultaneously with all in wall drivers too! Of course they’re also using active electronic compensation, but still, that’s gotta be sharp.

.... I didn't have enough dough left to swing that ticket or I sure would have gotten up to Jaxville or somewhere and checked it out. Oil well.

I'm stuck doing things the usual way... over think... over spend... and wind up over the edge... that's the ‘bleeding edge’ of course. The one Where There Will Be Blood. For all the money, sweat, and tears have been spent long ago and only blood remains. It’s only a rumble, stumble and fall, past the "leading edge" however. ;-)

I believe I'm gonna get one of them HSU subs. The STF 2 for the bedroom. SVS’ likewise sub (PB 10NSD) has no high or low pass filters... only gain & phase controls, AND IS $110 more.

Depending on how this HSU does it's upscale sibling, the Hsu VTF 2 (in it's new adornment coming out in a few weeks) might well join the main HT system as support for the rear ch. Silverline SR 15s… or perhaps just another STF2 unit.

The comparable SVS PB 12 PLUS unit = one more STF2 in cost above the HSU VTF 2... or $400.00 additional, nearing $1100 vs the HSU VTF2s $600.00 shipped cost.... but then that's a "we'll see" thing too.

Performance & wallet thickness will dictate that solution.

Given the under $400 ticket price delivered for a 'new' STF2, I feel that's a decent enough move for the time being.

I guess I'm about 100% "sub-figured" out for the time being now on a Bedroom woofing replacement.

Wouldn't ya know it? The Velodyne last night played without a hitch and this afternoon too! Super. Just super. :-((

Oil well.

Thanks much. Everybody.