Budget Subwoofer?

I'm looking to add a subwoofer to a small system (NAD C715 receiver/cd player with a pair of EPOS ELS-3s). Someone had recommended av123.com a while ago, but they no longer sell a budget woofer. By budget I mean under $300 USD.

Thanks for any advice you'all have!
Have you searched the listings to see what is out there, after all isnt this what this site is for ?
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These are but two examples-you'll need to do some homework.
The Mirage Omni S8 and S10 are excellent subwoofers at the price. They're no longer made but seem to be pretty easy to locate online. I replaced an HSU VTF-2 with a Mirage S8 when I moved into a much smaller place and found it was easier to integrate and sounded better than the HSU in that space.
Velodyne VRP 1000 or 1200. Paradigm PDR 10. PSB 500i. These are all good budget subs and can be found under
$ 300.00 used. Want a new one?. Go to partsexpress.com and you can get a great value 10 inch subwoofer delivered.
Did not get your room size or what will you be mostly used it for, music or movies. Anyways, for up to $300 you could eBay for a good used one such: Velodyn VRP-1000 or 1200, DER-10R, DLS-3750R, DPS-10, and some of the Klipsch's.
There's a great Ve;odyne 10" right here for $250, better jump on it!

Thanks for the pointers and help. It's a 19 x 11 room and it's for a stereo, not a home theater system. We listen to mostly rock of various sorts, R & B, some jazz, and a lot of acoustic music.
".... It's a 19 x 11 room and it's for a stereo, not a home theater system. We listen to mostly rock of various sorts, R & B, some jazz, and a lot of acoustic music."

For $300 or less, if I were you, I'd keep it 10" or below.

* Do you have any good samples on instruments/acoustic that I could look it up on YouTube.com?... I like something that could put me into sleep.
"...I like something that could put me into sleep"

* I like something that could put PEOPLE into sleep.
The older NHT SW2 and SW3 are very musical subs that might be found for under $300. These were sold with their own detached amplifier as they were passive subs. So please keep that in mind when pricing them.
Hsu Research and SVS are the obvious choices though I'm not sure $300 will get one.

Shameless plug... I have a small 8" M&K sub that was in my office system. I'll be posting it here in the next week or so. I'll be asking $150, but it's probably too small for your space.
Do an online search. I guess this is a cracking good cheapy sub based on WhatHIFI magazine.
Sorry, about the last post. I was referring to the Wharfedale SW150 subwoofer. I guess it's fantastic for the money...."Takes all comers" according to WhatHiFi Magazine. Do a google search for this sub and find the best price.

I found it for $199.00 from Sound & Vision. Web link:


Hope this helps!
What hi-fi magazine is a comic.
What Hi-Fi magazine steered me to my wharfedale Diamond 9.2's which I'm very impressed with for my office system.