Budget Streamer for Tidal/no doc

Im looking for a step up from the chrome cast audio which sounds like ass with a few days I've tried.  I don't want to go the songs route so what would be a good entry point for streaming tidal

1)The aries mini looks pretty good but paying for a DAC which i have
2)The micro rendu also looks pretty good but i guess I'm getting old, because i don't understand how it works.    Do you have buy roon to make it easy to use? 
3) blue sound node?

Thanks in advance...and yes I've done a search and tried to read up on microrendu 
What a coincidence. I just posted similar thoughts on a good streamer with no DAC. I bet both Bluesound Node and Aries Mini could be half the price if they get rid of the DAC. Alternatively, they can build another model sans the DAC.