Budget SS Integrated Amps?

Hello, Looking to replace a Yamaha Receiver with a warm budget integrated amp. I want something that isn't treble happy or harsh. Current components that I like are speakers KEF Q15s, cdp Cal Audio Icon MKII, and wires DH Labs. SS Integrated amps I've looked at are NAD C340, Cambridge Audio A3i, and AMC 2100 with matching pre. All under 400. Thanks for any comments
If you can "stretch" little more, get Linn Majik for a couple hundred more, it is great little amp, that will satisfy you for years to come.
I've had the Majik and be careful in buying one since it tends to be quite system-sensitive...that's why you come across mixed reviews on the Majik..it could sound great with one set up and bad on another...for $400, you could probably get an Arcam Delta 290 (which I just sold for $400). This integrated is rated at 75w/ch and sounds very neutral and rhythmic...also Sterophile Class B.