Budget speakers for Orchestral music?

I'm looking for an efficient speaker (at least 90db) that works well with tubes and is ideal for classical music, from solo piano to large orchestral works. Oh, and they need to be under $1000, used or new. Any suggestions? What interests me is a lush midrange, I was considering Thiel CS-1.5's, but my amp is underpowered for them. Any other ideas?
I would think Spica Angelus would be quite good, if you can live with the looks.
I'm interested to see the responses here, but if you're really into orchestral, my guess is that the answer is... NO SUCH THING. I've never really heard any convincing reproduction of orchestral music. But the closest systems I've heard were $$$$$.
What is the output power of your tube amplifier?
i have vintage Eico amps and preamp, they are 12wpc.
I saw Kef 105 going for $500 to $650 used, here at
agon,I think they are 90db.I could be wrong.
Oh boy that's a tough one! If you had a little more power I would recommend the Brines Acoustic LT-2000 with the (Lowther DX3 driver). It may work well who knows? Speakers like this aren't lush sounding unless the equipment used with them are lush..then you will have lush ;-).Unless you can find them used, they run $1600 a pair new.

The FT-1600 MkII is under your price range and come up used around $500 or maybe a little less.
If you have a small to medium size room. The FT-1600 maybe a good fit. The LT-2000 will be better. The extra cost is for the better drivers and larger cabinet.

The Soliloquy 5.3s or 6.2s should work also.They come up used under $1000. These speakers tend to be more efficient than the specs suggest.
see if you can get your hands on Sound Dynamics rts-3 with an hsu sub. These speakers really are amazing. just too cheap for most people to take seriously. Plus Infinity Primus 150 or 160 are quite amazing for the price as well. I sold my Spica t-60s when I brought home a pair of the 150s. They are a bit more open, almost image as well as the spicas... don't quite get the harmonics as well as the spicas, but... darn close. With a sub, they were much more fun to listen to than the spicas alone. I have had maggies, quads soliloquy and Spica.
You might consider used Triangle speakers in your price range. They mate well with tube gear and are efficient. Current generation I believe are less efficient than previous one. Opera also has speakers in your price range that could work well with a tube amp for orchestral music. As mentioned in a previous post, recreating orchestral music is probably the toughest task for a hi-fi system. At a low price point, there are bound to be compromises. Heck even at a high price point there are compromises.
Large Orchestral, 12 wpc, well their not my cup of tea but Klipchorns come to mind.
Thiel 3... and Rogue Magnum 120 is an excellent big orchestra setup.

12wpc/90dB+??? OK only for chamber or vocals.
Orchestral with 12 watts is a challenge, first I would try the new Omega Grands, they are single driver but sound big and have midrange or believe it or not you may want to check out vintage JBLs. They play big sound mostly midrange and up on few watts 102db sensitivity not the best soundstage or detail but you'll get big and loud music from them. I like them but not all the time. They were designed in an age (pre 1965) when tube power was king but there were few units that delivered a lot of power. Problem is that its a collectors market but you should be able to find C38 or 36s with the basic 030 package for about $1200 in good condition. The more magnet (and they used enormous alnicos) you want e.g. a 375 horn (Paragon, Hartsfields etc) the more you pay, but there are some in between the 175 potato masher horns. As I said its not for everyone but for some its nirvana. You can hook them up to a relatively cheap vintage SS with a few more watts and get really orchestral sound but I suppose that defeats your aim. Try the Omegas they will surprise you!
I listen to orchestral music too. Bearing in Qualia's comment above, yr 12 Watts, and Mechans' astute ideas, I would caution you that a 90db spl rating is hardly enough; ~100 is more the ticket. So, Mechans gives excellent pointers.
OTOH, why not consider diy?? Check out the Fostex site and/or melhuish's site (the first is .com the other .org).
You might also want to check out some of the vintage ALtec duplex (604) speakers. 100db high efficiency and they love low watt tube amplification. I have never heard them with orchestral works, but they might be just what you are looking for. Give them a listen or ask around to get a better idea. Just another option.