budget speakers for Musical Fidelity A300 ?

Hi guys... I am a newbie about to dive into the world of hi-fi.
Which speakers could I happily marry with a musical fidelity A300 ? (150 wpc). I am on a tight budget, looking to stay under $600 a pair. My music is extremely eclectic from electronic to jazz, rock, classical, spoken word so I am looking for something pretty neutral. It is too early for me to be able to express a particular taste...

My space dimension-wise is on the threshold between bookshelf/tower speakers so both could be appropriate, and I do not expect to use all the amp's power before moving to a larger place.
Thanks for your help!
You're going to get lots of suggestions and most of them (if not all) will suggest terrific speakers. One brand of speakers that makes a line in that range is Triangle. Check out reviews in Stereophile for information. I'm not suggesting because the reviewer likes.them you ought to but you may find their product line of interest.

Excuse any typos but I'm writing this on my (not so) smartphone while on the train to work.
My friend... I suggest a pair of Vandersteen 1c speakers --- or a used pair of Vandersteen 2c speakers. Both are wonderfully full-bodied, play well at low volume, are, for the money, really, really, really good. The vandersteen speakers at this level compete mid-level with speakers at nearly three times their cost. Great value and wonderful, full range capability. Both the 1c and 2c are so good because they have no real flaws (at that price point). That is, the whole is better than the sum of the parts... no glaring weaknesses (and, almost everything else at that price point does --- some will have an attribute or two that exceed those for the Vandys... but have mixed in flaws the Vandys do not possess.) To me, this is a no brainer... anyone in this price range needs to hear the Vandersteens
At under $600, you will do very well looking at the classifieds (monitor) listings here.

One recent listing that stands out to me, is the Neat Motive 3s listed. I use Neat Critiques with a Rega amp and find the Critiques wonderful speakers. According to Bob at Neat Speakers, the Motive 3 is the current offering most like the Critiques. They should do well with you eclectic tastes.
Agree that you should look at monitors and do your homework/Leg work. Try to listen to as many speakers as possible there are some giant killers in your price range that may be just what your like.
Second the idea of used Vandersteen 1C's. Damn good sound with a bottom end not many monitors can reach.
The Magnepan MMGs get rave reviews from everyone. Also, the Paradigm Studio 40s are very well thought of and might be in your price range if purchased used...The PSB line also gets high marks from all reviewers. Again, look for used here on Audiogon.

Here are some Studio 80s for a good price. I had these speakers and enjoyed them very much:


Here's a guy offering Studio 60s for $750 and he'll throw in a VERY nice Paradigm Center speaker. This is a smokin' deal:


I realize that these are a bit above your price range, but it would be well worth it to you to stretch that figure just a bit, you'll get a whole lot more speaker...

Thank you for all the tips! Very helpful. I am certainly looking at buying used to get something nicer. Not planning to run subs or center speakers.
I have not found leads for Vandersteens 1c's yet but there are several 2c's here at possible prices (not sure of the version differences, 2ci vs 2ce). I will dig into learning more about monitors also.
Is it ok to run speakers rated for 80W (1c's) through the 150W amp if I never go past 50 percent volume ? :)
I'll second the Maggie MMG speakers. You see them in the classifieds for around $400 and sound terrific for the money.