budget speakers

Just wondering if anyone out there has happened to compare the Paradigm Atom V6 to a pair of Rega Aras (slim chance, but thought i'd ask).

I'm looking for a different flavour of sound than the Ara - i require a brighter and more revealing speaker. Does anyone know if the Paradigm Atom's top end is brighter than the Regas? (i know this doesn't necessarily correlate to 'more revealing', but i still need a brighter top end).

Usher S520 is a good budget choice.. about 300-400 used
Owned the Rega Aras for a few years ... excellent smooth sounding small speaker. For a more revealing speaker in the same price category try the Energy RC10 or B&W 685.

Second the B&W 685...

what power amp(s) or intregrated are you running with your speakers?
Most definitely no...entry level Paradigm offerings such as atom and titan are extremely rolled off...dont know if this is purposely to entice one to try their better monitor or studio series...at any rate...try athena as bi budget speaker...great detailed tweeter...behaves like a much more refined product...dynaudio 40 nice too....
Thanks for the suggestions, people.

Phasecorrect - i used to share your view of the atom in its original inception back in the day and have disliked paradigm since then...

I heard the atom v6 at kromer in Toronto, paired with marantz's new entry level integrated and entry level cd player. I noticed that the atoms were the most revealing of the speakers in that room (all in the same price bracket). Boston acoustics had some reasonably good speakers in the 330-350 dollar mark and so did Mordaunt-Short. However, the atoms seemed to pull out more detail, treble energy and air than the two aforementioned speakers. Believe me - i was shocked.

Having said that, maybe I should should try speakers from B&W and a few others that I 'don't like' as well. May be in for some pleasant surprises.

I have an offer for a pair of Epos M5's, but i'm not sure if those would fit the bill either.

for all i know, i should just spend my money on changing out flooring in my apartment, since i believe the carpet is what's actually sucking the life out of the music.