Budget speaker wire B&W 803 from Classe CA101

I need some assistance. I am a beginnner to all of this - love music (R&B, classical, jazz) - but am just assembling a system. I have no idea where to look for speaker wire and how to connect my B&W 803's. Any help would be appreciated
You might want to consider what your budget is.
For 100 or so... try the alpha core products with the silver spade ends... these are very nice sounding.. good bottom end and nice midrange... not too bright on the highs.. excellent bargain at this price...
A little more... go for the Straightwire Rhapsody if you can find them usually 250 or so...
Mit mh 750 are nice as well usually can find these for
400 or so....
Higher ended... Go for the Transparent or the Wireworld
Silver Eclipse... these can go for big bucks...
but they are worth it..
Good luck.
Consider a single run of XLO Pro-600 speaker wire (approx. US$6/ft. If your 803's are bi-wireable get a second run of XLO Pro-600 (at a later date to save money now) or the Pro-1200 US$$12/ft (internal bi-wire).
Kimber Kable 4TC or 8TC (8TC twice the thickness of 4TC)is also considered a very good, reasonably priced speaker wire.

peter jasz
Stan Warren has been experimenting with wires. His daughter is now making them. The price is very realistic (I think $80 for a pair of 8 footers) with exceptional sound. Give him a call.
The Analysis Plus Oval 9 outclasses anything else in the pirce range IMHO. If you can afford it, it biwires well with their oval 12 (for the the treble).
Joe's advice is right on, I would second the MIT 750+ or Alpha Core MI 2's, the AC's have a nice bloom in the midrange. The MIT's would also be a good match with Classe and B&W, smooth, great imaging.