Budget speaker options, help needed.

Hi, I have the choice of trying to upgrade my 40 year old homemade speaker units that have KEF drivers, or using the same limited budget to buy a floorstander.
I have researched and identified two well considered options, one a step above the other. These are the Q Acoustics 3050i and the Paradigm Monitor SE 6000 F. 
I realize that there are many choices around these, however these are available in my country, and represent the limit of what I am prepared to spend.
My source is only vinyl. 
Do other members have experience of these speakers?
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Between these 2 choices look at the materials used for the drivers.The Q Acoustics uses Coated Paper Midbass & Coated Textile tweeter in a 2.5 way configuration & I would expect them to sound a little warmer,very musical with good organic tone.The Paradigm use Metal Tweeter,PolyPro Midbass/Bass and is a true 3 way design.I would expect it to be a little more neutral overall,have superb midrange with dedicated driver but the highs might sound a bit dry/thin or even bright depending on room acoustics & amp..
What is your amp?Planning an upgrade there as well?How big is the room,don't want to overload the bass.Acoustically treated?Paradigms are voiced in an Anechoic Chamber and like treated rooms.
Hi freediver, thank you so much for taking the trouble to respond, I was hoping that more members would forward their opinions! 
You have made good points and have noted things that reviews havent done. 
I am using {old but serviced} Musical Fidelity MA50 amps, and bearing what you have written in mind, the Paradigms which I am leaning towards more, could be a good fit. I use only vinyl, I find digital dry detailed and un-involving, I like detailed and warmer.
My room acoustically is good with big curtain and wall to wall carpet.
Materials hardly tell much, you can easily have a smooth sounding metal dome. 
I say that Q Acoustics makes better speakers for the money than Paradigm.
Another vote for the Q Acoustics.

I would suggest having a good listen first though as things might not have improved as much as you might wish in the last 40 years. 

I find budget speakers to be more neutral in sound nowadays but often at the expense of dynamics (and life) in comparison to some vintage designs. 

Who knows, those homemade KEF speakers of yours may well still be wonderful. 
The Paradigm's are a great choice for the money!  Monitor SE just recently replaced the old Monitor version 11's and are significantly better.  For the amount of money the 6000's are, the only thing better would be to go to their Premier Series.