Budget speaker $600 or under recommendations

I am looking for some "budget" speaker recommendations for a 2nd system. Looking to spend $600 max, new or used. This is going into a second system, where we will be listening to internet radio, FM and AM radio, CD's, and the TV. Floorstanders or monitors are both OK. Amp is a Music Hall Trio; 50wpc, not a whole lot of current, so the speaker should be relatively easy to drive. FWIW, I have Tyler Acoustics Decade D1's in my main system. I have also really liked the sound of Von Schweikert's in the past. Musical, fairly transparent, not to lean is the sound I would like to go for. As this is a 2nd system, I would just like to put something together that is pleasing and doesn't sound like mid-fi.
PSB images perform above their class.
Paradigm Monitor or Studio series.Ditto the PSB Image series above.
Silverline Minuets or Era Design 4 or 5 on remainder (Underwood) or used. The latter will require more power. Both are outstanding for the price which falls right into your budget.
get a pair of sound dynmaics 300ti speakers. Not only are they even cheaper 2nd and 3rd hand then your $600max. But they blow away much of what your looking at. And they put cash back in your pocket for software and anything else ..I have seen them for as little as $125.00 and tops at $250.00. Make sure you check the drivers for foam rot. There easy to drive and place.
Since you like the sound, why don't you look for a pair of used Von Schweikert VR-1s? They should be available for around $400 or less. For a bigger sound you could also look for a pair of LCR-15s. They are harder to locate but make a better HT speaker. I like them better for 2-channel as well, truth be told.
What about a pair of Spica TC-50s?
Both Paradigm and PSB monitors should work well. And, even though I may be biased, used Vandersteen 1C's may sound pretty awesome. Good luck, and Happy Listening.
If you like the Von Schweikert sound the VR-1 is a candidate. If you want a floor standing speaker the Vandersteen 1C is also within your budget.
Athena F-2 floorstander...stereophile fave years back..and compared to 2k speakers...can be found for under 300 used...these faired very well against my friends paradigm studio 60s...and have extremely tight bass response...no need for a sub or stands....
For 600$ ?
MMGs? If you go upline within a year, I think they are still giving 'full' price back.
PSB Stratus Mini would be high on my list.

Another option with a little more relaxed sound would be GMA Europas.

I agree the VR-1's are also a good choice for those looking for the more lean and detailed sound. They also image great.

Magnepan MMG. Buy direct from Magepan 599. In my opinion nothing can touch them at this price. Placement needs to be a consideration. I would call them.


The MMG's are nice for the price, but I'm not convinced the Music Hall is up to the challenge of driving them adequately. Also, I'm assuming that for a 2nd system that he might not have the space for the MMG's.

That's why I recommended the ones I did.

Try the spica tc-60. It is a big improvement over the original tc-50. It has good bass, fantastic imaging and sounds better than anything near its price. I have a pair and I like them much better than the tc-50. I got them for 500 dollars including shipping and I think they were a good buy at that price. Hope this helps. Shay
I had a set of Europas a few years ago, and was very impressed. I hadn't thought of the 1C, but it may be a good choice as well, as I wouldn't have to spend another $200 on stands. The PSB sounds like a winner, although I haven't heard it.

Walls are only 9 feet apart here, so space is at a premium. Also, I ride my bicycle rollers there in the winter, so I have to be able to tuck the speaker back into the corner when I am riding. I had a set of Von Schweikert VR2000's that I recently sold, and although they were a little big, I am kicking myself, as they were easy to drive and would have sounded nice with the Music Hall.
I recently bought a pair of Silverline Minuets from someone here on Audiogon. Really excellent, balanced and natural sound that exceeds the small size of the speakers. Bass is also suprisingly good.

PSB also makes very good speakers, but try to find a pair of higher end PSBs used that are within your budget.
Hyperion 585s absolutely fabulous. You can get them from Quest for Sound an Audiogon Dealer.
If you really like Von Schweickert and can go up a little in price then get the VR2s . They are small floor standers much fuller than the VR1s and very easy to drive. Last pair I saw was Ebay of all places for only $1K. I know its more but you will be happy.
No financial interests to reveal.
(((I would just like to put something together that is pleasing and doesn't sound like mid-fi. 50wpc, not a whole lot of current, so the speaker should be relatively easy to drive.))

How bout checking into the 90 DB phase and time correct easy to drive Vandersteen 1C tower floorstander....
With your amp should make you a proud musical system.
Mr McCormick designer of your other systems power amp also uses Vandersteens.
Cheers Johnnyr
How about a pair of Tekton 6.5t? For the money, tough to beat them.
A used pair of Usher S-520 speakers and a pair of decent stands fit into your budget. They have been my standby speaker choice for years now.
A third for the Silverline Minuets. I recently put together a similar system for my living room, mainly sound for the tv, internet radio. I have almost no room for speakers. The minuets sound natural and have absolutely amazing bass for their size. I'm sure I could get them to image really well and fill the room with sound if I could get them on good stands away from the walls, but it's also nice to have them sort of tucked away in my small living room. If you are looking for something small and unobtrusive, they are worth checking out.
Try to find a pair of KEF Q 90's. 8" woofer, coherent sound to rival or beat some new 3-4k speakers I've heard recently.