Budget speaker?

After listening to:

Acoustic Energy Evo 1
Dynaudio Audience 42
Ascend Acoustics CBM-170
Monitor Audio Bronze B2
JmLab Chorus 705
Quad 11L
Epos ELS 3
Axiom Audio M22Ti
B&W 303

I selected my finalists for new speakers as:

Dynaudio 42
Epos ELS 3
Ascend Acoustics CBM-170

These sound for me the best. But from now on I am lost - I cannot decide myself which one is better.

Any advise between these 3?

Thank you very much
If you can't sonically hear a difference between the three, then pick the one with the least expensive price.

(Make sure that all three will work with your electronics though. Nothing worse than taking home a speaker and finding out that your amp is not up to the task of driving your new speakers! In fact, I recommend you bring your amp with you and listen to all three again. And your CD player, if your can handle bringing in two pieces of equipment. This will give you a very good idea of what the final sound at your house will sound like.)

My two cents worth. Good Luck!
the one "you" like the best...why trust other peoples ears when you've already done the listening?

just my 2c fwiw
Because I liked all 3 and I cannot decide.
I want to see others people opinion
Buy them all. Then when you change them every few months, it'll seem like the "New Toy" excitement starting again.
You sound like my kind of guy.
if your budget can bare between 4 to 5 hundred dollars , pick up the spica tc60's or the hales revalation 3's here on the gon. although the speakers you have selected are all good ,they would pale in comparison.
Hmm, interesting. I didnt listen to Spica or Hales. SOunds interesting. Thank you - I appreciate it.
both are classic world class designs..extremely musical..