Budget, Seperates, 1,200 AMP & PRE, suggestions

Hey folks

Welp, things are looking good for the ol slapmeister, and it looks like i can finally start buying some new gear in the near future.

Got a house im gonna buy, its kinda wierd, but at the end of the deal i will have a nice cusion of money in the bank, and im looking to buy some gear.

This will be the "Living room surround setup"

This is what i am currently planning on.....

TV = Panasonic PT-47wx53 widscreen HDTV

Source = 7 disc JVC DVD changer, (good enough for now)

Front/Rear speakers = KEF Q1 monitors

Center =Matching KEF center

Subwoofer = Deftech ProSub200 (used to own one, personally, i really like these for HT)

Now, im gonna have about 1,200 budget for either a reciever or Pre/AMP combo.

6.1 & 7.1 not important, i will not be able to use the other amps for a 2nd zone, im really only interested in 5.1 surround.

The KEF's are pretty much non-negotiable, the fiancee likes thier looks and i like the way they sound for the price.
The subwoofer im pretty sold on, not many subs under 600 bucks that go below 20hz. Taking suggestions though, need at least 250wrms on the sub though

Any suggestions for AMP/PRE-PRO?

I was thinking about a DENON 3805, but i really dont need 7.1 surround, i have hardwoode floors, and i already ran a set for 2 surrounds for the rear, so im not interested in more.

The living room has 15ft vaulted ceilings, all hardwood floor, about 15 feet by 18 feet and it is open to the dining room and kitchen, all in all, about 500-700sqft room.

Echo's like the grand canyon, i can take care of that though.

This is just gonna be a livingroom surround setup. The basement will have a "Dedicated HT" but that will be a while down the road, i also have a room chosen for a 2 channel rig. This dosent need to be too fancy, but i want it to sound good.

Suggestion for a 5.1 pre/pro DD & DTS setup for under 1,200?

Just get some more purpleheart and make valentine presents.


A couple of years ago, I bought my wife a Yamaha RX-V3000 reciever, she's into the HT-I like my 2 channel. Anyway, that thing will do just about anything you could possibly want and you could probably pick one up used for about $700 or so. If you are planning this piece for just an everyday set-up, I wouldn't blow the whole $1200, keep some back for the dedicated system you plan to build.
Look around for the Harman Kardon Signature Series 2.0 Pre/Pro and the 2.1 5 channel amp - they sound wonderful together, look quite nice, and the pre/pro is simply loaded with features and yet has a simple and elegant interface. My wife finds it very easy to use. As a bonus, they can be had here on the 'Gon for right around $1,000.

I can't comment on receivers, I haven't used one for a few years. Rotel comes to mind as one of the best ABOVE bang for buck brand that can be had in your price range, better than the outlaw pre-pro when music reproduction is of any interest. Of course you did say HT only, I just thought I should mention the difference between the two..and most other pre-pro's for that matter.

Your system may be a case were a receiver makes the most sense IMO. Flexability and ultimate sound quality would be the only reason to move to the pre-pro level. (get a receiver with pre-outs just in case).


I would seriusly look at Rotel, as they make decent stuff at good prices as well as it is on Audiogon a lot. I have a RSP 985 processor that is great. Consdier it and a 5 channel amp.
Thanks for the responces!

Ill check out the Rotels and Harmon Kardon.

Its gonna be a little while yet untill i can start working on my 2 channel system, gonna have alot of projects to do around the house, gotta build a new deck, finish sinishing the basement, yadda yadda.

I would love to have something that i can flop down on thge couch and listen to some music on, anything, and i mean ANYTHING is bettter than what im dealing with.

Check my systems, my cuyrrent HT rig is so bad im too embarrased to post it.

Anyways, I want something that will get me by.

MThe listening room i plan on in the basement, the fiancee wants a real theater built in there. Im hoping this system will be enough that she would scoff at the idea of building a theater, that way i can use that room for a 2 channel rig.


I think im gonna chuck the idea of the KEF's, there is a Mirage dealer in denver im gonna go check out, i might end up getting a couple sets of Mirage OMNI 60's and a sub to match.

I used to have a definitive technology's HT setup, and that had a bitchin soundstage. I like bi/di-pole for HT, might give OMNI-pole a shot.

I used to have a denon 3803, and i loved it, but had to get rid of it. I might just still end up ith a Denon 3805, but with 6/7.1 out of the question, and no way to run a 2nd zone off of this rig, i feel like im paying for extra processing and amplification i wont use.

ya know?

Thanks everyone!