budget remote preamp?


I need a remote pre-amp with phone section, for my office, and can't spend much money. I am considering an Adcom preamp-tuner such as the GTP-500. Are there other units I should consider? I want to keep it under $300.
B&K's sounds great.
I had the B&K PT3 for a while. The preamp overall had a nice warm sound quality to it. Very versatile, lots of inputs and flexibility. Make it the USA, if you care. However, their tuner sections are poor.
"For a few dollars more" look to McCormack
I use 2 different ones, both of which draw a lot of attention: Vintage marantz 2216B and Old Pilot integrated with tuner and multiplexer. Can't get much better phono section that a pair of 12ax7 tubes for gain!