Budget reference floorstanders for a b.r. system

After 3 or 4 years in this hobby, and more rotations of gear than I care to think about, I'm convinced that my Rega Apollo cdp and NAD C320BEE are both budget references that can't be bested for the money. I'd like to find a pair of floorstanders that also fall into this category, "budget" in this case being sub-1 grand. Right now I'm using Rega R-3's, which I very much enjoy, but I don't think they're quite the pinnacle of bang-for-buck as the C320BEE and Apollo. My room may just be too large for them. Any opinions, votes for other budget reference speakers more suited to average sized living rooms?
Two suggestions-
1. Triangle Heliade--small floor stander
2. Dahlquist QX-8--also small floorstander
GR-Research AV3 Neo.
About half the price of those mentioned above.
You don't say what 'budget' means to you - $750/pr? $1,500/pr?
Hi, You should check out Decware speakers. If you could push your budget a little the Decware rl 1.5's would be a good choice. ($1300.00) or look for used pair for about half of that.
Consider Ohm micro Walsh (ohmspeakers.com) or 100 series 3 if you can go a bit more.

Ohm often recommends NAD electronics for their systems.
Also consider Totem Arros.
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Agree with Bob_Reynolds in general.

In a smaller room, like the typical bedroom, Ohm micros are an exception to the general rule that good near full range floor standers can't be had at that price.

Totem Arros qualify as well but may cost a few hundred more.
Vandersteen 1Cs in that price range. Half your budget if you go for a used pair.
if you can look for or wait for, a pair of Phase Tech PC 10.5's, you'll be pleased. they do need a bit of power though... 50-75 wpc to sing, I use an 8yr old Sony receiver with 110wpc to drive mine without issue. Around 500.00 to 700.00, maybe less, depending. Former Flagship speakers from Phase Tech. Phase Tech also still supports these units.

More current PT models should get some consideration as PT builds in a lot of value and performance within their line up.

Past that, I'd also go with a pair of monitors, and add a sub later on but I got a very good deal so I went this way.
I would agree that 3K is a realistic budget for floorstanders, assuming that we are talking new dynamic speakers. A favorite of mine in that category would be the ProAc Studio 140's.

However, one can find great speakers used for 1K or under. I got my Klipsch Cornwall 2's here on audiogon for $600. You can find Heresey's or Forte's for less than that, to name just two smaller Klipsch heritage models.
I second Mapman's recommendation to look at the Arro. Lovely speaker for a small room... I'm still breaking mine in. And you can walk away with a used pair on Audiogon for under $800! Nice midrange, airy highs and astonishing bass for the size.
Ohm micro walsh...you're there