Budget receiver/integrated amp for Cornwall III's?

I'm not able to set up my CW-III's in our new home so I've had them up for sale (locally), but have had little interest. Therefore, I'm thinking about putting together a two channel rig is a spare bedroom that is sort of my man cave.

I'm on a very limited budget since I'm not sure how long I will keep this set-up and my plan is still to sale the speakers and downsize at some point.

I'm looking for an integrated amp or receiver that would be a good match for the Klipsch and $400 is going to be at the top of my budget. I know this is not much to work with, but I wont need allot of power. My room is ~ 12 x 16' and I'm looking to buy used.

I've got a three channel amp (too big), center speaker, etc. I'm also trying to sale and if something moves soon then I may be able to go a bit higher.

What do you think guys, is it possible to get good sound at this price? BTW, I still have many good IC's and speaker cables and will be using a Sony SACD/DVDP for my source. ES model, that's not half bad.
Audio Refinement Complete integrated. Very close to budget and an overlooked piece. 50WPC should be enough for that efficiency.
I am currently powering my Klipsch Heresy's with a vintage Marantz 2252B receiver and a B&K ST2140 amp. IMO, total bliss. The 2252B alone does a wonderful job with the Heresy's in my 13 x 13 room. I have used it to power Fortes and Quartets with the same results. Mid power to high power Marantz vintage receivers(2250, 2252B, 2265B, 2270, 2285, 2325, etc.) will all be fine choices to complete your quest.

80's, 90's, 2000's Denon integrated amps are also good choices to stay within your budget.

NAD integrated amps also.

Vintage tube receivers, definitely. 10-20 watts of EL84 power will sound wonderful. Scott, Fisher, Heath, Mac, Lafayette, Dynaco and many more. I've got a 7 watts Monacor for way under your budget that will sound amazing. And YES, I used to own Cornwalls and my favorite was a Pilot 245.

If you can save $100 more, the Audio Refinement Complete is such a wonderful buy.

Had one for years, and they drove my inefficient Vandersteens quite well.
I agree with Elevick in terms of the treble and mids but not in the bass.
If you can Stretch the budget a bit I found fantastic synergy with a McIntosh 2505 power amp with gain control so can be used as a single input int. amp . A 2505 happens to be on sale here today. Check the "Staff Pics" section. The 50+ WPC will do a lot to get the woofer moving some air and gives you a more balanced presentation. Really strongly recommend.
Also consider a Vintage Luxman receiver usually can be found on Epay and generally less than $400.
Any thoughts on Carver vintage C-1090 integrated?
I am presently using a Marantz PM5004 integrated with Cornwall III's and it's doing a fine job- far better than the receiver we used to have. No snob appeal but a nice clean signal. Plenty of power for Klipsch. Good reviews, too. $349 brand new. No need to mess with used electronics with old caps, etc.
Jack-no vintage Carver, please. You will get tons of bass, no details and it will sound flat but very loud. For vintage integrated or receivers, sansui or marantz if you want solid state.
That new Marantz looks like a nice option, but where did you find it for that price? All the on-line shops seem to be $100 more. Does this Marantz have enough power to get a good bass from you CW III's?

If I could put together a few extra bucks, the Rega Brio 3 looks nice too.

Any of you guys have experience with this one?
Let me change this up a bit. The more I read the more it seems I should be looking for a integrated tube amp. I know many people feel this way so there must be something to it.

I'd like to get you guys thoughts on this? If this is the way to go then what's a decent budge amp that would be a good match?

You are going to need to borrow one if you can to see if 10-20 watts is good for you. It was more than enough on my Cornwalls. $400 is a tight budget but for $500 there's a ton of choices for an integrated tube.
I do have a 7 watt Monacor for about $200 if you are interested.
Keep in mind that many of the low budget vintage pieces have issues due to age (humming, buzzing and noisy controls). Be prepared to have work done if you buy an inexpensive piece.
You other option is to start with a $100 Marantz solid state until your budget frees up a little more?
$400 for a decent tube integrated is going to be tough. For that price (or less) I would suggest that you look at some great low-powered vintage SS units. The Marantz receivers, mentioned above, are a great choice. I love classic Sansui gear as well. But I think that the best choice might be a clean used (pre-Alpine era) Luxman receiver or (better) integrated amp. Look for a clean L405, L-450 or L-480. All should be available for well under $250.

If you are determined to buy a tube unit, I would look for a Dynaco SCA-35 or maybe an Eico ST-40. Nice units, but they often need work (cap upgrades at a minimum) and can be a bit noisy. If you get really lucky you might run across a Scott 222 or 299 series in your budget.
Well guys, the CW III's are gone. However, I picked up a set of vintage DCM TF-400's (more appropriate for a bedroom system) and am looking for a receiver for those.

Different animals from my Klipsch, but the price was right. :0)

Thanks for your help and advise. I appreciate it.
I've got the DCM TF-600, and they have great synergy with
the Harman Kardon 330c , and also the Pioneer sx-770 receivers.The Luxman r-103 is truly amazing with these speakers.