Budget RCA/Power Plugs for DIY

Long story short, my system is finally getting to the point where I can hear micro-details in the music reproduction. I'm able to hear the differences in cables and even the RCA plugs on my interconnects...a year ago I would have been skeptical about such differences, but my current system is resolving that well!

I have my wire picked out, it's a nice silver plated copper. I'm looking for some quality RCA plugs that *are not* $100+ a pair. I'm not married to any brand or style, and I can solder and finish cables quite well, just looking for good bang for the buck plugs. Currently I'm taking the RCA plugs off 20 year old Monster M350 cable and reusing them - I'm sure most anything aftermarket would be better.

Also, I'm going to try my hand at making myself a power cord - just out of curiosity, to see if I can hear a difference. I've already got a dedicated ground, 20 amp circuit to my tube amp with a basic Hubble Hospital Grade Outlet, and a fresh 100amp circuit to the house for my listening room. What decent but budget IEC and Plug would you recommend I look at? Again, I don't want to spend over $100 for these two plugs.

I'm looking forward to your suggestions!
Here's a couple...

I've just ordered this one to try it out...


I currently have this one on all power cords - sounds great and they take some abuse i.e. I've switched the across different power cords several times and I can still make then very tight


So if you want to have some fun with this - try braiding Romex conductors
- strip off the outter sheathing and separate the three insulated conductors
- braid the three conductors in a fairly tight weave
- the braiding helps reject RF
- I soldered spade connectors to the wire to ensure maximum contact in the mains connector
- biggest problem - stiff and springy - but you can use that to your advantage

I started with 3/12 gauge - it performs extremely well - I then went to 3/10 gauge - it performs even better

Both are on my system right now and it's never been more dynamic, detailed and spacious

The 10 gauge is hooked up to my power distribution centre and the 12 gauge go from it to my two source components

It's just as though everything is plugged directly into the wall outlet.

So you may be wondering what power cables I had to start with?
ANSWER: Furutech FP-314Ag with the Vanguard connectors
I have Furutech FP-3TS762 10 gauge on my amp with the same connectors

Why am I trying different connectors - I think the silver/copper combination on the Sonar Quest will improve dynamics even more - if my recent playing with silver plated DIN connectors is anything to go by

And yes - the romex braids are every bit as good as the Furuetch - after all - it gets the power to the wall outlet doesn't it?

Other cables used - DH Labs - their Power Plus can be bought in bulk and is nearly as good as the Furutech FP-3TS762

NOTE: - this is not a practical joke or a poorly timed April fools gag
- IT WORKS - much better than I expected it would

Have fun :-)
Thanks for that. I've already got some nice Milspec silver plated copper, PTFE insulated 10 gauge wire I'm going to braid, I just needed some good connectors. I was looking at that very same one in your first link on eBay, but wanted to ping the Audiogon crowd first and see if there is something better or more commonly recommended.

Any tips on RCA plugs?
I've just replaced mine with Eichman Silver Bullets - real difference of opinions on Agon - but I like them a lot

There are other Eichman Bullets that are cheaper if you buy into their design philosophy - which I do

My other favourites that I used for many years on Van den Hul d102 mk III are the cheaper gold plated copper centre pin Furutech like these

Where did you get the silver plated 10 gauge from - I'm in the market - got a link you can share?

BTW - I use Pass and Seymour MRI outlets - grip like a vice - have a job pulling the damn plug out

How do you find the hubbel? - lot's of Agoners seem to use them
And why do electric plugs have holes in the prongs?
I really don't have much to compare the hospital grade Hubble plugs against except for standard plugs, and it seems fine. It is well built and easy to insert and lock down the wire in the walls.

I don't have a source for the 10 gauge wire unfortunately; it was simply some hand-me-down wire from a friend who experimented with many milspec wires he got as end-of-spools or cut-offs. He wound up going with the same stuff but 8 gauge (really hard to find) for $4.50 a foot.

Eichman Bullets are at the top of my list so far. I might also compare to some inexpensive chinese clones of high end RCA plugs just to see if I can get 80%+ of the quality of the high end plugs for 20% of the cost...
Lonelyraven - I tried some chinese "WBT" locking rca's - couldn't get the solder to stick to the outter neutral - ended up tossing them

Will never buy fake tca's again
I just put the SONAR QUEST CRYO Ag Audio Grade Silver plated IEC/mains (see my fist post above for link) on my Furutech 10 Gauge cable and connected it to the distribution centre that supplies my sources.

H-O-L-Y C-O-W!

Everything got so much "crisper" - just as it did with the Eichmann's - but even better - a much finer level of detail

Best damn $39 I've spent in a while - and that was for the iec and mains plug.
One last note - just be aware of plug design issues - some designs are poorly implemented, so if you are tempted by an advertisement, only buy one at first, to see if it stands up to multiple installations - e.g. the screws fail after only a couple of installations.

The ones I have mentioned install very well - others were not so robust - one failure was a name brand, so do your homework

Two name brands I respect a great deal - Furutech and Oyaide, but the others I have mentioned in this thread also perform very well, for the more budget conscious.

And before anyone asks - I only post the positive reviews :-)

Bon chance ;-)