Budget RCA Phono Cable Suggestions Needed

Equipment: Thorens TD-280 Mk2 table w/ DL-110 cartridge, Parks Audio Budgie tubed phono preamp, Audio Analogue Puccini SE integrated amp. Tara Labs Quantum IV IC cable between the Puccini SE and the Budgie and Kimber 8VS speaker cables running to my Frugel Horns. I am looking for an RCA/RCA IC cable to go between my TT and phono preamp. I am looking for a used cable to keep the cost down, and am trying to stay around $100 or so. Not sure what I'm looking for that will work in terms of proper capacitance, etc. Suggestions are welcome!

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If you can swallow your audiophile pride and give something really cheap a try (as I did a few months ago after dismissing the company for years as being "too cheap"), you might try the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1. A 3.5 foot pair (about a meter) runs $32.50. They're very low capacitance and well shielded--smooth but detailed sound and a deep black background.

I've been extremely pleased with all the BJC products I've tried, including their speaker cables. If you try the LC-1 and don't like it, you'll at least always have a cheap pair of ICs on hand if you need them. Here endeth my pitch as a satisfied BJC customer!
I have had good experience with the MAC cables found on here.
Elf Audio Silver Signature interconnects would be a very good choice if you can find a pair. They were dirt cheap and sounded very good.

I use a 2 meter pair to go into my Phono preamp to my turntable. They are 6-nines Silver, shieled and have a black background as well. They were all over Audiogon at one time, now I don't see them anymore. I know from using the ELF cables, they have great shielding and let the music shine through. It sounds like the Blue Jean Cables do the same thing, and are easier to find. Good luck.
DH Labs silver sonic is a good budget cable

If you can spring for $150 for a 1 meter pair, then Stagger Silver Solids might just be the last pair you ever buy - amazing details and dynamics that exceeds most peoples system capabilities

I bought one pair and within 20 minutes had placed an order for a second pair - truly amazing