Budget progressive DVD players

I see Sony has the NS7000P; Panny has an RP-91.These lil' suckers have great reviews;and sell for 2 hundred bucks(close). Sure for the $$ the video is great.--But how about the sound??--No,can't afford a "Round table" at this time. Any owners of these or similar players / and how they compare to some of the more expensive ones;sound wise?

I know you cannot afford the Camelot Roundtable. Who can?? God knows, I can't. As I have said many times on these forums, I have a Pioneer Elite DV-37 (which retails for $1,000.00, and I got mine for $700.00..... even though my dealers has them priced at $800.00..... but if you look around (on "Audiogon", "E-Bay", and anywhere else on the internet), you can probably nab one for about $550.00 to about $650.00) which I know delivers a splendid picture, but when playing music CDs, I found out it has a marvalous sound too. So great, that I am contemplating leaving (meaning the Pioneer Elite DV-37) it in my audio system and then getting a budget DVD Player (which means I am leaning toward a couple of Toshiba models..... the SD-1700 (a "non" progressive scan player), or an SD-3750 (a "Budget" progressive scan player)) to replace the DV-37 in my home theater system, and then over the next two to three years, build a high-end home theater around my audio system (and to do that, I will need an RP HDTV (which is what I am in the market for now), a stand alone surround sound processor, a multi-channel power amplifier (to complement my Adcom GFA-545 MkII), or two more Adcom GFA-545 MkII power amplifiers, and a totally new speaker system (which means I may have to trade in the KEF Reference 102s because they're not magnetically shielded.... and instead, look at the B&W CDM 1NT and CDM CNT)), which will open up a new can of worms entirely. But that's another subject.

Now, as for the new budget progressive scan DVD Players such as the Sony DVP-NS700P and the Panasonic RP-91 (for which I am not sure if you can call it a "Budget Progressive" Scan DVD Player since it costs almost as much as my Pioneer Elite DV-37), I am not sure as to what the sound quality of these players are like, but I am sure both of them deliver killer (and killer in this instance meaning VERY good) pictures. I would go down to a dealer and listen to both of them in the context of a good audio system and then see what you think afterwards. If either one sounds good with music to you, then go ahead and take the plunge. But if it were me, and if I were to choose between the two, then I would probably go with the Panasonic RP-91 (being that it has DVD-Audio Playback capability..... because if it is capable of being a DVD-Audio Player, then it should also be a decent CD Player).

Just my $.02 worth.

You could get the Pioneer DV434 or whatever the current entry progressive model is and send it to Stan Warren for modification. The player is around $350 I think; and the Mod is about $250.
Panasonic's RP-56 puts out a wonderful progressive picture using Faroudja's DCDi processing. It can be found for as little as $220. The sound quality is also very good.
Thanks for the input guys. BTW,the place I got the prices was onecall.com (both near 200) The Pany has the chip-only;while the Round Table has the entire DCDI board.I have a friend who had a budget Sony 5cd player modified by Stan; and he is delighted.(To say the least) I hate waiting 3/4 weeks to get things back.Once I make up my mind:" I want it NOW!!" --I thank you for the idea sugarbrie;I hadn't thought about it.