Budget Preformance / Power Cords and Interconects

Looking for best bang for the buck Performance on Budget Power Cords and RCA Interconects for Amp and Digital.

You can also recommend Speaker cables.

Looking for a full body sound overall. Tight clean and articulate bass, smooth mids and detailed highs.

Trying to help out brother inlaw.
Check out Signal Cable's array of wires and cables. Good stuff and won't break the bank.
the introductory offer morrow audio has for 39 dollars on interconnects is something you might check out. hard to recommend power cables but there are lots of reviews out there on the pangea's and the new shuntaya cord that sells for 99 dollars. good luck.
What do you consider "budget" ?
What do you consider "budget" ?

I figure at the low end $100 and @ the high end $500 per cable
Audio Art Cable PC 1SE power cord

what amp & digital source does he use?
throw this out to you - I am not the Agon seller, nor for that matter do I know the person, but there's a pair of Gabriel Gold Extreme interconnects for sale within your price points - very nice sounding and good build quality , but especially that the price - just my opinion
Amp) Pass Aleph 0s Single ended Class A stereo amp
CD) Cambridge 840c
Speakers) Silverline Preludes

A very simple system
Crystal Clear Audio Master Series. Fantastic interconnects and power cables. Sells his products on this site and Mel is a great guy to work with. Happy listening.
Seabreeze,Simple or no-thats a good sounding one.

They don't come up to often but Straighline makes/made some good PC,sounding better than ZU or Harmonic tech in my system with Preludes.
For Power cables Pangea makes some good ones.
Use the 14SE for pre and sources. The Pangea AC-9 is good for amps.
All are under $100 each for reasonable lengths.
From Audio Advosor only. (exclusive)
how many different ways are you going to ask this question - like 3 or 4 threads going on
Facten, thanks for your refrence to Audio Art Cable , Robb is a great Guy. Do you use his cables...If so which ones.
Use both the PC 1 & PC 1SE - only ones I've tried in their price range that made a noticeable audible impact - prior t o them used Signal Cable, PS Audio & Nat - The PC 1SE adds some additional dynamics to my ears over the PC1, but the PC1 to me was a big improvement over the others I used, and still maintain it in my systems
Very much appreciated, the kind of Info I was looking for.

Thus far audio art is on my short list, amoung a couple others.

The Cambridge 840cd is a little on the thin side, could use a little more body to it.

Someone mentioned that they use DCCA audio power cords helped quite a bit with the 740 cambridge cd with the added body it needed.

Anyone else out there using the DCCA power cords. Thus far no one has mentioned them in this thread.